How to get feedback on your photographs and boost your photography skills

Photography, like many other creative outlets, is a form of art that lets you explore and experiment with your creativity. While practice does make perfect, there may come the point where you would like to get some feedback on your work to see how strong your skills are and how you can progress in your photography journey. Whether you see photography purely as a hobby, or your aim is to make a career of it, feedback on your work is an essential part of developing your skillset and learning from others in the field. Here are three ways for you to get feedback on your work and boost your photography skills.

Photography courses

If you have so far been experimenting alone, you might feel that you would benefit from specialist photography training. These will teach you the mechanics of how to take a photograph: what equipment you will need, image composition, and image editing using software such as Photoshop. You will learn about the different types of photography and what skills are required for each, for instance, studio photography, macro photography, and wedding photography. Some courses may even go into detail on how you can build a career in photography, for instance, building a portfolio and finding clients. Photography courses are widely available online; Annie Leibovitz, for instance, teaches a photography course on

Find a mentor

While online courses can teach you the basics of photography, they are not personalized to your individual learning. If you are serious in developing your photography skills, you could consider finding a mentor. A seasoned professional will share their expertise and advice with you, which is invaluable for learning how the industry works and learning more about your craft. A mentor will offer honest feedback with a professional eye on your work, providing pointers on how you can take your photography to the next level. When finding a mentor, make sure you look for someone working in the same field of photography as you—if your mentor is a wedding photographer. Still, you are more interested in macro photography, neither of you will get the best from mentoring.

Use ClickASnap’s new feedback service

You may want professional feedback on your photographs, but are unable to commit to a mentoring program or find a mentor in your subject area. If this is the case, why not try ClickASnap’s new feedback service? Here, you can pay for a review of your photograph from another photographer on ClickASnap’s Photographer Marketplace. Each ClickASnap profile includes a bio and list of skills alongside that person’s portfolio, making it easy for you to find a reviewer working with the same subject matter as you and who has the skills that you want to learn. The price of a review is also displayed, with a reviewer available whatever your budget. When you feel confident in your own photography skills, you can join ClickASnap’s Photographer Marketplace yourself to offer expert advice and spread the knowledge.

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