Sharing your photos to Twitter. Is it worth it? John Stoves investigates!

Hi all, about eight months ago I found ClickAsnap by chance and thought I’d give it a go, I started on the free account but soon upgraded to the Pro subscription, I did this because the 17p I’d be paying a day is nothing and I have the resources on the site to help me make a lot more than that, uploading at a frantic pace to start with, I now have around 830 photographs on there with around $9.73 earned for views alone which is more than you’ll get from any other photo sharing site, I mean no other site that I’m aware of pays you for having views on your photos! The paid per view is one of the many things I like about the site, yes it is only 0.15 of a cent but as you can see above they add up, and with ClickASnap sharing to my Meta page, to Twitter and to Pinterest all automatically it means I have more time to go out and take more photos, which is what we as photographers all want to be doing, not sat in the house on a great day with great light and somewhere you want to go and capture some photos. As for sales? Yes I’ve had 3 download sales at £5 each, again this is what I put for them not what ClickASnap have told me I have to sell them at. I started ClickASnap with the view that it will only get better as time goes by, the site has some things coming up that look great for the future of the site and us the users. With a new auto product creation tool, so when you up load an new image it will just add all products to be sold for the image, and there might be a canny few more products coming by the end of the year? Anyway, the site has moved on in eight months adding a new shop interface and how the site runs , on June the 9th ClickASnap implemented an update to the way is shared to Twitter by introducing the hashtags that you put on an image when you upload it to ClickASnap, A week later they also added Album sharing to all social media outlets, and this means you can pick which of your albums you want to share on which platforms, so you could share wildlife on Twitter and landscapes on Meta, and switch it up after a few weeks to see if you get more of less with a set album. The fact that ClickASnap are listening to its users and trying there hardest to implement what we want to see, it all takes time and money, and with the growth of the site over the last eight months I’m glad a started early with them. ClickASnap has come a long way and it will get better with time, just like a good wine or whisky…

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