My Clickasnap account has been banned! What can I do?

So, you’ve discovered Clickasnap, the World’s only photo sharing platform where you get paid by people just looking at your photos. You sign up, upload some photos then come back the next day only to discover that your account has been banned.

Firstly, let’s establish why your account has been banned:

  1. You found us via some video saying you can upload images from Google images or a free stock site like Unsplash or Pixabay right? Wrong! All content on the platform is moderated, and if you upload photos that you have personally not created you’ll get promptly banned
  2. You decided to treat us like Meta and upload a Meme or selfie. Nope, we’re not Meta or snapchat. Keep that rubbish on those sites please or = banned
  3. You dumped a load of poor quality, ill thought out imagery onto our site. Again, keep that for the rubbish sites, not ours or, you guessed it, you get banned
  4. You uploaded your own content which is of a high quality but didn’t name it properly, this will likely flag our moderators. Contact us and we’ll unban your account
  5. Your imagery is amazing, so our moderators want to check it really is your work. Contact us and we’ll unban your account

Once a Clickasnap account is banned, other than for reasons (4) and (5) it will not be unbanned and the email is blacklisted. You can of course setup another account, under a new email and username, which is fine, but if you repeat your first mistakes your account will be promptly banned again.

If you’ve paid to upgrade, breached our rules and gotten banned, we don’t offer refunds. Sorry, make sure you pay attention to our very clear rules before you upload and we’ll get on just fine 🙂

Please enjoy the site. It is not Meta or Snapchat and we do not expect our users to behave as if they’re on those sites here. Using our platform is a privilege and we can withdraw that from you, and confiscate your earnings should you take advantage of that privilege

Remember, 1 really good photo will get you far more paid views than 10 rubbish photos. Quality versus quantity. Quality wins every time

Tom Oswald

CEO & Founder

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40 Responses

    1. That’s because they are FAKE!!! I upgraded the first day, tried to log in a month later? BANNED all original content. No customer service number because they are obviously a SCAM SITE. I’m an artist and a photographer.

  1. I peyed and you banned me wtf in the same day I pay and after a second I m banned you think the is normal you hawe my pictures my monney and I m block are you stupid or I living in another worlds I m not banned because I copi pictures i hawe million pix I m banned because I pay …I pay after 30 sec I check and surprise i m banned

  2. Hi there. i am a user from clickasnap and i got banned few days ago . I mean maybe i did some mistake here, but i have good intention at your website. I think i am banned from some photo ‘tom & jerry’. ‘ My point was to share some nostalgy, but i broke the rules with no bad intention .
    I realy hope you consider my request , sincerly ia had the best experience at clickasnap. please forgive me and give me a second chanse if you could.

    username: nopicsnolife
    email of Log in :

    1. Hi, we cannot unban accounts that have uploaded content they do not own i am afraid. But you can create a new account

  3. Hi there, am user from clickasnap, I got banned few days a go, but I recognize the mistake I upload a few picture from Google but I don’t know before if its a mistake , aim very sorry ,Please and please may unbanned my account I never repeat again , my user name is REENPIZZO AND MY EMAIL IS

  4. Hi sir , am user from clickasnap , i got banned some days ago because i shared licences creative common pictures and i am sorry for that. I understand your terms and conditions and i would like to cancel my membership because my bank account is still linked to my membership and clickasnap is still taking money from my account …….Here is my mail i am using on clickasnap …… Please sir i need your help and to cancel my membership and stop clickasnap from taking me money each month

  5. So I just upgraded my account then got banned days later…Why??
    You also mentioned that we should upload our own photos, yet you’ve also that this is not Facebook ….so what kind of photos are allowed? Nature pics from google?Animals??

    1. You were banned for stealing another photographers work and uploading them for financial gain. Our site is not Facebook, it is for people who enjoy photography. You can upload any photos subject to our guidelines as long as you personally took them and own them. If you do not do this you will simply be banned and removed from the site.

    1. That your account has been banned for breaching our guidelines. Usually for uploading images you do not own or spam

  6. I got banned today too, i made account yesterday and i am already banned. I used one of the free vectors to design halloween wallpaper, which is the reason my account is not working anymore. I have already raised a ticket with the support to unban me and i shall not make same mistake again. However, i didn’t mean to steal anyone’s work and had very poor understanding about this webiste. Now i have more knowledge and understanding, lets see what customer support helps me. I request to unban my account.

  7. What is the best way to report a profile for possible misappropriation of images (not theirs/taken from the internet)? I did submit a ticket with an attached document with screenshots, assuming that was the way to do it. Thought I would confirm. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Alisha, use the report button on the image. It is an ‘I’ in a circle to the bottom right of the image

  8. Hi
    There I m first time user of urs I didn’t know ur policy that was completely my fault I apologise for that I think I might have broken some of ur rules unintentionally which won’t happen again for sure kindly unbanned my account thank you

  9. As u Sayed I would love to create the new account but I m getting error code 403 my ip has been blocked to access ur website.i cnt open your url how can create new account kindly suggest…

  10. Hello! I Was blocked on your platform. If I was still blocked, I would like to delete my original account. What are the steps to follow?

  11. I think I was banned and I am sorry. My mistake. All I want to know now: Will my subscription fee in future still be deducted from my bank account, or will it stop immediately.
    Thank you for your attention.

    1. No your subscription is cancelled when your account is banned. You can create a new account just make sure you follow the rules

  12. I recently upgraded to pro and minutes later, they banned me. I only posted 4 images. 3 images of MY dog which I can prove. 1 picture of the side mirror if my car while on a roadtrip. I dont know why I got banned?

  13. Can I post my Ai photos, Avatars, cartoon pictures?
    Can I also post my life drawings and portraits?
    I made them using my own photos.

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