5 Industries that Need Great Photography

Photography can be for our own individual enjoyment, just as much as it can help businesses and brands to flourish and stand out from the crowd. Much of today’s business landscape is dominated by brands showing off their products or services through quality photography, demonstrating just how important the right image can be. From websites to social media pages, photography has an important place in every business’ strategy.

While many photographers take photos of wildlife, nature and people for their own pleasure, it’s key to remember that this kind of photography is still popular in the commercial world too. With that in mind, we take a look at some of the industries that would benefit from a photographer’s unique skills.

1. eCommerce

Any business hoping to sell something online needs to have the right photography to sell their brand in the best light. After all, if customers can’t go into a physical store, it’s up the digital presence of the business to get its message across effectively.

Creative photography can help to demonstrate what your business is all about, and it doesn’t always have to be images of your products. Your website or social media profile could benefit from photos of beautiful buildings to show people where your brand is based, or images of nature to show values like cruelty-free or sustainability.

2. Hospitality

The hospitality industry includes places like bars, restaurants and cafes that are frequented by hundreds of customers. These places will be competing for the most footfall, especially in a busy area, and so making the space a welcoming, friendly and memorable spot could make all the difference.

Choosing the right photography to adorn the walls of a bar or café can help to set the mood and theme of your establishment. So, if you’re an Italian restaurant, beautiful photography of Rome, Venice or Milan can transport your customers while they enjoy their pasta.

3. Travel industry

The travel industry relies on picturesque destinations and the chance to show its audience all the places that can be visited and explored. Travel photography is incredibly popular, with many photographers being able to share their photos with travel agents and tour operators.

The travel industry can use great photography to help customers decide where to visit and what the must-see landmarks are when they arrive. Create a brochure, hang images in your office or share photos on social media to encourage people to book with you.

4. Hotel & leisure

The hotel and leisure industry is made of many different types of businesses, including museums, heritage centres, sports centres, gyms and various types of accommodation. Many of these businesses have a cultural or lifestyle aspect that they are trying to promote to customers, which can be easily achieved by investing in the right photography.

Sports photography can be used for gyms and sports centres for people to aspire to, while museums may benefit from images of historical places and architecture of the local area.

5. Auto industry

The car industry has a rich history with so many new technologies and innovations along the way. From local garages to car showrooms, the right photography can be used to show off famous models of cars from decades ago, as well as intricate photography of car parts such as engines.

Showcasing this kind of photography can really demonstrate your passion for the auto industry and create that authentic connection with your customers.

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