Is Clickasnap Legit?

One of the most commonly asked questions on Google about our platform is ‘Are we legitimate?’

You can understand why this question is asked as if you haven’t been on the creator side of Spotify or YouTube then you would not have used an online system that is setup to pay creators. Like both the aforementioned platforms, Clickasnap uses a range of income streams to be able to pay photographers, artists, and in fact, any still image creators with payments assuming they receive qualifying views.

We often have people ask why they have to pay to use the platform, and in us stating that you have to pay to use the platform makes us a scam, which in fact it does not. Both Spotify and YouTube have gating systems in place to prevent spam, poor quality content and content that simply shouldn’t be monetised. In Spotifies case you must go through a distributor. So to get your track up on Spotify to start making money it will cost you about £9 per single/EP/Album. YouTube has different system, you must have 4,000 hours of view time and 1,000+ subscribers before you can even be considered for payments per video view so our requirement of £2 per month is cheap by comparison.

Finally, to absolutely prove we are legit, have a chat direct to some of our users who happily provide payment proofs

Vuktz Guillaume Kicket D3xterDev Krisztina

Or just browse hundreds of other profiles here and here and here

We hope that after reading this short article, you can clearly see that Clickasnap is in fact a very legit website!

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2 Responses

  1. Good day, My user name is Elou98. i have a pro acc and i just purchased a hundred views for $5 and paid through paypal but my views are the same and iam not getting any pays on the views i got already can someone assist me please. at your earliest.
    kind regards.

    1. Hi, What you have done is pay to have your photos promoted across the website. This is not instant views and depends entirely on the quality of your images and whether people like them or not. In this regard, the views can come through in a few hours if it is exceptional quality or several weeks if they are just generic photos

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