Comparing the Cost of ClickASnap with Spotify and YouTube

We are often asked about why we charge for the use of our platform. In this day and age, people are used to getting something for nothing, and using a site like Clickasnap (which actually pays you money for your photos) is no exception. So, we are going to explore the costs of using our platform with the costs of setting yourself up on both Spotify and YouTube with a monetised account.

Despite neither Spotify nor YouTube being image sharing platforms, we are comparing ClickASnap to these as they are monetised platforms just like ClickASnap is. By that we mean, they pay their creators as well.

There are two main reasons why we charge to use the monetised side of our platform:

  1. To reduce the level of spam. Not having to deal with large numbers of spam accounts and copyright thieves, frees up a significant number of resources which can then be spent improving the platform. It also creates a much more enjoyable environment for genuine users. A small fee of £2 a month puts off most spammers.
  2. To enable advertising revenue to be paid to our uploaders, instead of it being used to fund your use of the platform

Making Money with YouTube

Firstly, let’s explore YouTube. The costs of setting up a YouTube account is actually free, and the requirement to have a monetised account also actually costs you nothing as a fee on YouTube. ‘Yes, we know that’ I hear you say. If YouTube is free, why aren’t you?  The truth is, whilst it is free to have a monetised YouTube channel, it will cost you thousands of pounds and countless hours of your time to actually become eligible for a monetised account. The requirements for this were recently changed. So, what do you need now?

  • 4,000 annual hours of watch time
  • 1,000 subscribers minimum

Let’s take a really conservative guess at what this will cost. As any influencer today will know, consistency is key when it comes to growing an audience. It is industry standard across the world of YouTubers to upload a video once a week and to do this, at the very least you’ll need a mobile phone.

As of 2021, the average phone contract in the UK is £47.20 per month. If we round this up to £50.00 for ease, you’re looking at £600 a year (£1.64 per day). Let us be generous and say you don’t need any budget for resources, location, or props and that it will only take you 1 day to plan, organise, film, edit and post the video. You are looking at £6.57 per month in terms of costs of resource. Next on your list for success is promoting that video. Researching keywords, sharing links across multiple platforms, and driving traffic. So, let’s say this takes you another 1 day in total, that’s another £6.57 per month in terms of costs of resource. So far then, you’re looking at £13.14 per month minimum for the most basic of resources for you to create this content and promote it.

Now let us look at the investment of your time and the costs associate with this. Minimum wage in the UK as of 2021 is £8.91, or £66.82 per day. Based off of data from 2019, it takes an average of 52 weeks to get 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. If you’re giving two days of your week to this, you’re looking at £6,949.28 worth of your time invested in gaining those 1,000 subscribers that you need.

This means you have invested £7,106.96 in time and resources just to begin the process of monetising your videos.

Making money with Spotify

Making money with Spotify is only available to the industry of musicians. They say it takes 10,000 hours to master an instrument, so we can already confidently say you’ve invested a significant amount of your time to get yourself to a level where monetising with Spotify is even an option. With that being said, you can’t just up and decide that you are going to use Spotify to make money.

Alongside a significant amount of time invested, historically the world of music is not inexpensive. An example of this being the piano. The piano is the most commonly played instrument in the UK, and a brand new one costs around £2,000 – £2,500.

To be able to upload a track to Spotify is £9.99 per year. To be able to do this, you either need to have the facilities, or pay for the facilities, to record a track. To record a track will generally take 8-12 hours in a recording studio. A lower end cost is around £30.00 per hour to rent. So, £249.99 later your track is uploaded, with Spotify taking a significant split of the royalties.

This means to make money using Spotify, you need a very specific set of skills honed over 10,000 hours of your life, alongside the funding of instruments and studio time. You’re looking at £2249.99 to begin monetising your music on Spotify.

Making money with Clickasnap

To make money with ClickASnap, our only requirement is having our Ad-Free membership at minimum. No requirements or specific set of skills is needed. Anyone with a mobile phone can take a photo, and in today’s society everyone is. It’s such a natural part of everyone’s day that no second thought to it is required, no planning or resources beyond this is needed. You only need to pull your phone out of your pocket, open that camera app and press a button. Only taking a couple minutes out of your day to focus on getting the shot that just caught your eye, there’s nothing else needed.

With your phone costing you £1.64 per day, a £2.00 per month Ad-Free subscription and the use of our built-in marketing features, the total cost of being able to make money using your photos with ClickASnap is £3.64.

To make money with YouTube and Spotify, you need a skill or a brand and the dedication of time and money into creating that video that people want to watch or that song that people want to listen to. It’s a feat for the everyday individual to achieve, and the requirements are far more demanding than they appear before you can even begin to make money.

With ClickASnap, the everyday person can thrive without a second thought. Photos are such a natural part of our day to day lives and for a small fee and a click of the button ‘Upload’ you can start making money instantly. This small fee also protects your data as we don’t ask for any of this. This is because ClickASnap doesn’t care to waste our members time with targeted ads and because we don’t use any algorithms which limit the reach of your content. This means you get full control over your own content’s promotion.

We hope you find this article of interest, and that this new perspective is helpful in understanding why there is value in paying for a ClickASnap membership. Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

Tom Oswald

CEO & Founder

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