Have you ever fancied developing your own film?

I strongly suspect the vast majority of photographers under the age of 30 have never developed their own film, they may have used a film camera but the end results have always been dictated, most probably, by a faceless laboratory somewhere many miles away.

Here at ClickASnap, we’d like to change that. As an online community consisting of tens of millions of photos and millions of photographers, we would like to equally create an ‘offline’ community of photographers. Because, as great as the online world is, nothing beats real life for interaction and photography. So, we have invested almost £50,000 in building a state of the art darkroom in our Wimborne offices. The cupboards and counter tops designed by Wren kitchens, custom plumbing for chemical washes, De Vere enlargers and film dryers as well as Ilford print processing equipment and Jobo negative processing machines. Whilst the darkroom is not large it is extremely well equipped, and the best part? It is a completely free to use darkroom, (the only caveat being that consumables are paid for (but this is at what it costs us to purchase) So, if you’re ever in the South of the UK, email us at tom@clickasnap.com and book in your session in our darkroom

If you’d like to watch the process of us turning a very dilapidated part of our offices into our new darkroom then you can watch it being done here

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