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We are very excited to announce our acquisition of a Noritsu minilab 3502, a Noritsu HS 1800 and A Noritsu V30 film processor. These are (or where) state of the art film processing systems that used to sit in the back of every Boots and Woolworths store and always gave off that distinct lab smell when you walked in.

These machines have been purchased predominantly to facilitate the use of our free darkrooms (the developing film part is boring compared to using an enlarger and seeing your prints develop!) This means that we cannot sustain the volume throughput required to keep the chemistry of the machines in check.

Therefore, we are offering for 35mm and 120 film:

Free negative development and scans at base resolution (Image size ~1mb) scans sent via email

Medium resolution (Image size ~4mb) development & scanning £4 a roll sent via email

High resolution (Image size ~20mb) development & scanning £10 a roll

Negatives returned (up to 20 rolls) – £3.00

6×4 prints – £5.00 a roll including postage and packaging

Please send your films to:

ClickAsnap FAO film dev dept

83 High Street,



BH21 1HS

Then email with your requirements

We run our machines 3 times a week so turnaround is typically 24 hours

Please note the films must be the C41 process

PS Don’t forget to add them to ClickAsnap once you get the scans back and you can earn money when your photos are looked at. It’s completely free to join too!

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16 Responses

  1. Hi there! How long are you running this for, and is it really just free if I supply an SAE for return of negatives? And only C41? Thanks!

  2. Hi – I’m a bit confused by this
    “This means that we cannot sustain the volume throughput required to keep the chemistry of the machines in check”
    Please can you explain?
    I thought that these machines needed lots of throughput and replenishment to keep active – which is what you seem to say. But with free processing, won’t this be the case?.

    1. Just send them to our address and if you only want low res scans then ensure your email address is in there and we’ll send them over to you

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