Is ClickAsnap legit or a scam?

If you’re reading this article, then you have heard of ClickASnap. So, are we a scam? Or are we a legitimate photo sharing and selling platform that offers the same monetisation systems that Spotify and YouTube do but for photography and users simply don’t understand this?

The short answer to this is a resounding No we’re not a scam! But you’re going to say ‘of course you would say that! You own the platform’ and of course, this is true. But now we’re going to explain why we’re legit and how you can prove it for yourself:

Reasons why people say we’re a scam:

  1. We do ban users, this is true, and these people are more than happy to go onto sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber and accuse us of scamming them. Why do we ban these users? Because they go to sites like Pexels, shutterstock or other photographers websites and steal their photos then upload them onto our platform. We respect peoples copyright, therefore thieves get banned
  2. There are times users don’t get paid out, The reason behind this: They go to sites where they buy fake traffic, (which is easily identifiable to us) and think they have found an easy way to make money. Sorry guys, Like both Youtube and spotify, we vet our traffic and if itsn’t real, you’re not getting paid!

Other issues users claim to suggest we’re not worth using:

  1. They only pay 0.1 cents on a free account. So, your logic is you’d rather use a free platform that pays you nothing, vs a free platform that actually pays real tangible cash (That argument never made any sense to me)
  2. To get a pay out you would need 1,666 views on 1 photo. This isn’t true, views are cumulative, so if you have 1,666 photos you would actually only need 1 view on each photo to receive a payout (Note that this is an example, quality beats quantity every time on ClickASnap)

If you’re a legitimate image creator, and you’re tired of playing Instagram’s constant algorithm games and you just want to produce content, share it and for people to see it, then ClickAsnap really is the site for you. If you’re reading this you may have come across a bad review or bad comment, but please speak to our focus group of over 5,000 users in our Facebook group ‘ClickASnap discussion group’ There you can talk to real world users from around the world and make up your mind based on legitimate experiences by legitimate users.

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12 Responses

  1. This is my first time here. Saw someone on Facebook talking about clickAsnap and I just clicked.
    I’m reading and ready to explore your platform. Here we go…

  2. Hi, I’m new to here..just sign up and still exploring this site. Hoping for a big possible outcome here..Thanks.

  3. Im not sure what to do. However I have some images, one has been viewed over 100k times on Google. I did it on a hotel review. How can such traffic be connected here?

    1. If when you upload photos you provide appropriate descriptions then google will index it and refer some of that traffic to you

  4. I’m happy so far. I first payment. I’m so excited that I visit the site several times a day just to see who commented my photos and vice versa. My subscription for a year is already covered and I’m ahead now. Thank you Click A Snap team. I have a question though, is it ok to upload a still photo from my very own video and post in my profile for paid views?
    Thanks in advance! Happy camper here

    1. The only thing we’d recommend is making sure the still photo from the video is of good quality before considering uploading it. These can tend to be poorer resolution, so just bear this in mind!

  5. Thank you soo much! I will make sure the quality is great! So the details will be a screenshot from my own video. And by the way, I love being in Clickasnap! It’s addicting. Going to get a new camera for my own Christmas present. I have the old traditional Canon t3i and old Nikon both do not have direct connection to the internet so there you go, your Clickasnap is really clicking on me. Thank you one again. I am very grateful for your company!


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