Site updates V0.0.109

  1. Related images will now only be picked from paid accounts
  2. Caching has now been added to photo and feed APIs’
  3. Sellers earnings will now not clear until the product has been delivered or downloaded
  4. Header images should now upload correctly
  5. Sharing images to social media platforms using the share features should now show thumbnails correctly

Please ensure you have cleared your cache so the site is updated

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8 Responses

  1. My previous earnings (prior to update) and folders have still not be restored and I am getting tired of logging jobs with the support desk and receiving automessages with little clear direction or follow up. It is now the middle of April – a long time since the new site was released.

    I am a paid member and feeling disatisfied with the communication and efforts to resolve these matters – I am sure I am not the only one!

    1. Unfortunately the previous site was built and run by exceptionally incompetent developers (digital shift) their control over and complete lack of documentation of the previous site is what is causing us these problems. Unfortunately the time taken to resolve this is taking far longer than we ever expected and is completely outside of our control. It is something we’re working to unravel but we cannot give timelines on something we do not know

  2. Thanks for that update Tom – it has told me more than the automated emails. I will continue to exercise patience and hope for a resolution

  3. Hi
    I’m surprised that my previous comment has not been visible…? A mistake?
    Yesterday, Monday, the site was uploading fine most of the day. Why yesterday and not today? Also, why is the site working a few times during a day?
    As requested several times: a timeline for when issues will be sorted out.
    Thank you.

    1. We are not aware of any site wide uploading issues or otherwise at this time. Perhaps clear your cache and check the internet connection you have

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