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Introducing ClickASnap film, the film stock that delivers a cinematic look straight out of the camera. The 35mm motion picture film is the perfect choice for photographers who want to capture the timeless beauty of analog film in their still images. 

It features a distinctive grain structure that lends a unique character to each shot. With its vibrant colour rendition these films capture every detail of your subject with stunning clarity and accuracy.  

One of the most notable features of the film is its signature halation, which gives your images a soft, dreamy quality that is reminiscent of classic Hollywood films. This effect is achieved by removing the anti-halation layer from the film, resulting in a distinctive light red glow around highlights and light sources. 

With a choice of three available ISO’s It can be used in a wide range of shooting scenarios. It is perfect for portraits, landscapes, street photography, and even night photography, thanks to the ISO 800’s great low-light performance. 

ClickASnap film is also easy to process, with standard C-41 processing yielding excellent results. 

Experience the magic of analog film with ClickASnap, the film stock that brings the beauty of motion picture film to your still images. 

Note: This film does not have a readable DX code. For manual cameras the DX code will need to be manually set. 


  • Available in ISO 100, 400 & 800 
  • 36 exposures 
  • C-41 or ECN-2 process 
  • Colour negative motion picture emulsion 
  • Safe for C-41 photo lab processing (Remjet backing free) 
  • Resulting in a slight red halation effect 

    Price £9.99

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