Say Goodbye to Marketplace and Hello to ClickASnap Shops!

After 5 years of ClickASnap’s marketplace, where users could sell their photos as products and browse 1000’s of others, we are waving it goodbye. Our marketplace has seen many changes over the years and following on from our new website launch in December 2022, we have been unable to offer our marketplace to the high standards we hoped to. So, after taking some time to really understand where the usability failed and what the buyers want, we are excited to announce the official launch of:

ClickASnap Shops powered by Merchr!

ClickASnap Shops powered by Merchr, will offer a brand-new range of products, an amazing editing and design tool and an amazing user-friendly shop interface! You’ll still control your prices and profit, whilst Merchr handles all the printing and shipping.

We know you’ll have plenty of questions about this exciting change, so we’ve put together a guide below to walk you through exactly what to expect.

Who is Merchr?

Merchr have created an industry-leading customised print on demand merchandise platform utilising the latest cutting-edge technology and programming skills. Skills which have been honed over the last 30 years, by delivering merchandise solutions globally across all industries, from fashion and lifestyle for Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing to corporate and clothing for Google and Harrods. Their wealth of experience and close affiliation with sister companies such as, The Souvenir Collection and FastMerch stand them in good stead to deliver the service and quality you deserve.

Will my shop look the same as it does now?

Your shop will have a brand-new look, all the way from the product creation process to the buying process. Merchr’s stores are incredibly user friendly, and whether you are selling or buying products, we can confidently assure you that your experience will be simple, seamless, and smooth.

Will my current products be transferred to the new shops, or will I have to re-create them?

As we transition from our current third-party printers to work in partnership with Merchr, we are offering a brand-new product line. This does mean the current product line will not be available through Merchr. This will involve recreating your shop, however, with the new product creation process, this will not be a time-consuming task and we will be on hand to help guide you through how to do this.

The new product list isn’t what I was expecting. Why aren’t the same products on offer anymore?

As mentioned earlier, we have not been able to provide you with the high standard marketplace we aimed too, and part of this has been down to the confusing and unfamiliar product names, misguiding product placements, and no preview or guidance for buyers. Alongside this, sellers have been limited in their ability to personalise or edit their products, to have full control over their brand and the products they wish to sell.

Through vital market research, we are able to understand that personalised merchandise is becoming more and more popular, versus buyers of professional prints which is not gaining as much attention anymore. Saying this, we fully understand the importance of offering professional prints to our professional photographers, and this is why stretched canvas’ and framed prints are available. This product line will evolve with demand. We appreciate how this change in products may be questioned by some of our members, however, please be assured that our goal is to support the success of your ClickASnap shops and subsequent sales!

Are digital downloads still going to be available?

With this initial launch, they will not be. However, we do not plan to keep them away for long! Digital downloads will not be powered by Merchr, so it is down to us to get them back up and running for you all as soon as possible. We plan to fine tune the new shop process with this initial launch, so when we bring digital downloads back in following versions, we can make sure the buyers and the sellers experience remains seamless. More details of when you can expect their return will follow soon!

Where can potential buyers find the products I have for sale?

Products on image pages has been a long requested feature, so we are bringing that into this exciting update. So, when people are viewing your images, they will easily and immediately be able to view what products you have for sale, and access your shop through them. This will help increase traffic to both your images and your shop!

Alongside this, prospective buyers can find your products with a direct link to your shop.

How will this work if I’m based outside of the UK?

Merchr is well prepared to manage sales worldwide (excluding: India, Pakistan, Egypt and Iran).

How will I manage my sales now?

As a seller of products, all your sales will be visible and easily managed via your shop. You will have full access to your sales history, and your buyers can contact you directly with any queries. If you don’t feel well equipped to deal with any buyer queries, do not worry! ClickASnap Support are on hand to help you whenever you need it, and you can contact us directly as usual. You also have access to Merchr’s help centre.

When will the new ClickASnap Shops be available?

We are currently in the midst of testing, with the goal for this to be live mid-October. A set date for release will be shared with you all as soon as testing has been completed!

We really look forward to bringing you this new, and wildly improved, aspect of ClickASnap. This is only the beginning, so please be assured further communications are to follow. Any questions in the meantime, please do share them in the comments below!

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70 Responses

  1. This is fantastic news. Really looking forward to the new shopping experience and exciting projects that I already have in mind.

  2. Awesome, is a new opportunity for great pictures.. CaS could be like netflix or spotify have subscriptions to users that could download anything by packets for a fee paying to the users that their pictures were choosed by user to download ..

  3. I am so impressed with Click aSnap! You guys are amazing. Thank so so much for your work and dedication. Happy to be along for the ride.

  4. I joined few months ago and I’m still excited! Would love to see sponsor ads someday in users profile. And if it doesn’t happen it’s ok. I love Clickasnap!!

  5. Yahoo! This is exciting and wonderful news. I’m looking forward to this and can’t wait to offer my photos on products for the UK market. Thanks for the update and keep them coming.

  6. Je suis contente d être là,,et j espère faire un long chemin avec vous
    Bon courage à tous et surtout beaucoup d’argent

    1. Please rest assured that we are still fine-tuning this, and we will provide updates to members as soon as we have more information, which should be quite soon.

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