ClickASnap Website Updates – The Latest! V1.27.0

Release notes V1.27.0

Blank images on Profiles & Uploads

Some of our users have been experiencing the frustration of failed uploads, which leave blank entries on their profiles and their uploads page. We’ve been able to support these users with removing them from their profiles, however, we’ve been working on a fix to both address the remaining blank entries in the uploads page, as well as stop this from happening going forward!

Anyone who has some blank entries on their accounts, please be assured this will be resolved, albeit not immediately. Certain triggers need to occur in order to clean these out! So, if blank entries remain on your uploads page after 21st February 2024, please raise this to support, who will be able to help you.

ClickASnap Photos not showing in your Seller hub

Some of our older users have found that not all of their images are showing on their Seller Hub, meaning they cannot make products using all of their images!

Similar to the above, this will now be resolved, albeit not immediately. You need only upload a new photo to your ClickASnap profile, and you will find this will sync your images, allowing them to show in your Seller Hub in full, as expected!


Some users were experiencing multiple notifications when they were being followed by one user. This has now been resolved so you will only receive one notification per follow as expected!

Newly uploaded images now show in your own feed

Following user feedback, we understood that when you upload a new photo, you wanted to see this in your own feed, as confirmation that your upload was successful. This now happens, so you can be sure your upload is being seen by your followers!

Featured images on our home page were becoming quite stale, so an update has been released so we can see a wider range of users. We understand following this update that this has impacted the quality of images being shown and we are currently working on this to ensure we can continue showcasing the best of our users!

UPDATE: We have temporarily reverted this update, whilst we work on a more reliable improvement. You will find that the same group of images will be highlighted, however, this is on track to be resolved through the upcoming explore work which is currently taking place!

& other other behind the scenes changes and improvements

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