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(V 1.32.2)

Welcome to our new Comments!

We know how important it is to receive feedback, compliments and constructive criticism on your photos, so to help foster conversations, we’ve rebuilt our comment section to allow for seamless and effortless conversation. This update focuses on enhancing our comment system, tackling and preventing spam and bots as well as improving community interaction. Here’s what’s new…

You can now hold conversation with multiple users in one thread, with the ability to tag the user so they know you are replying to them! Comment threads will retract and expand on select as well, so you can more easily focus on the comments you want to read. Notifications for a comment or reply will also take you right down to the comment it is in reference to, saving you the frustration of having to scroll down to find it.

Positive and genuine interactions can now be easily highlighted to other users. You can ‘heart’ the comments you love and you can even pin your favourite comment to the top. Showcase some brilliant feedback or a well-thought out compliment, so people who are looking at your photos can easily see what people have to say about your photo!

We’re also putting more control in your hands, with the option to delete anyone’s comments from your images, as well as the ability to edit your comments after posting.

Additional layers of protection have also now been implemented, such as disallowing links, rate limiting against spam comments and the ability to report comments and the user who left it, so that we can make sure we’re protecting you as much as possible!


Some Pro users were experiencing high failure rates when sharing images to their feed. The issue which was causing this has now been resolved. Should you continue to come across any issues with this, please write to our support team with your account details, so that we may assist you further.

& some other behind the scenes, changes, improvements and performance enhancements

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