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Our background, our aspirations and more!

What is ClickASnap?

We currently define a view as someone staying on the page for 5 seconds or more, this prevents the uploading of poor and spammy content and maintains a higher pay rate for those who upload high quality content. For reference, the average page view time on the site is 27 seconds.

Think Spotify (which also requires a 30 second play time to qualify as a paid stream) but for music, by doing this we are giving a value to your work, being paid in ‘likes’ doesn’t help you pay for that next lens or the gas bill at the end of the month, in fact it actually puts a value of zero pounds and zero pence on it!

Our aim is to change all of that. You can sign up for free on the platform, you can upload as many photos as you want and people can view those photos for free, and you will receive a percentage of the revenue generated.

So, where does the money come from that pays you?

Well, we run ads on the platform and have other forms of income on the site.

All of this is put into a big pot and 50% is shared across the image uploaders.

Why ClickaSnap

A unique photo sharing website.

Our Background

Where we started, where we're going...

The site was launched on the 29th February 2016 and as of today 27th February 2019 we have over 2 million images viewed per month and growing at a rate of 150,000 image views per week.

Some may ask; What’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one, this isn’t a rights grab, or copyright theft.

We aren’t a Facebook or a Google, in fact we have used both, Facebook asked us to pay for and build up our ‘likes’ promising us an audience for our work and then steadily took away reach till it was nothing, then asked us to pay exorbitant amounts of money to pay those we had already paid for to like our page.

Unfortunately, at this moment in time we realise that both of these sites, as well as various other ‘free content’ sites are necessary, and currently, complementary to our platforms which is why if you are using ClickASnap it is not content exclusive, e.g. you can upload your content on to any other sites you wish. We do encourage the sharing of our content among those sites as well, as if you have a user base these people are likely to come and see your content wherever you put it on the internet, the catch being, you just need to tell them it’s there!

For further details and questions, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions.


ClickASnap launches

2 million

images viewed per month


image views per week

Join us and help us grow

Our Aspirations

Building a world leading photo site.

We like to see ourselves as the next generation of the web; websites that are hugely expensive to build but once built are incredibly efficient allowing our users (You) to use our platform and earn an income for your work. Whilst we work on building audiences and increasing our efficiencies to increase our overall revenue and therefore increasing your income.

ClickASnap isn’t just a world leading photo sharing site. We offer full print on demand and eCommerce systems where you can sell your photos for any price you choose, we offer WIPT which protects your images against screen grabbing, Automated marketing systems which promote your photos 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and hundreds of other features which no other site even comes close too.

Should you have any questions, I am always happy to hear from users of the site and am more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You may of course also sign into our online forum and post questions.


ClickASnap – Is It Worth It?

The best option for sharing your photos.

In the year of 2021, every direction you look in someone is promising you the best of the best, a never seen before product or service or a new and unheard of way to make money online. So, with everyone trying to grab your attention already, why should you choose ClickASnap?

There are plenty of reasons that I could list here, as to why ClickASnap is always going to the be the best option when it comes to sharing your photos online; however, I’m going to let other people do the talking for us.

Below you can find various reviews and articles featuring ClickASnap, which explains perfectly, why ClickASnap is most definitely worth it.

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