Our community guidelines for conduct on our platform.

Community Guidelines

Now you have watched our welcome video you should have a better understanding of how we work and how to use your profile.

To ensure that you understand how to conduct yourself whilst using ClickASnap, we have included full details of what is and is not allowed on our platform below within our community guidelines. Please read these thoroughly.

Community Guidelines

Welcome to the ClickASnap community!

Please read through the below guidelines so you can know what is, and is not, allowed on our platform.

Our community guidelines are here to help and guide you as you become a part of the ClickASnap community. Your profile with us is subject to these guidelines, as well our terms of service:

Share your photos, not someone else’s

You are only allowed to share images which are created or taken by you. We do not support Creative Commons licenses; this means you are not able to upload images you have purchased from a stock site.

Image ‘no no’s’

Alongside sharing images which were taken by you; images which contain nudity, soft porn, violence, gore, drugs, illegal acts and spam content are not welcome on our platform. Check out our terms of service for a comprehensive list of what should not be shared on our site.

Don’t join Click Circles

A Click Circle is an agreement between two or more people to view one another’s images, with the aim of providing paid views to one another. This is instead of viewing peoples images because you genuinely like them (the full definition of Click Circles can be found in our Paid Per View policy here). Our Paid Per View benefit is designed to reward our creators for the quality of their work. This means that people should look at your photos because they like them, not because you’ve asked them to - Higher quality photos will receive higher earnings! If we have evidence or reasonable grounds to suspect you are a part of or have been involved with a Click Circle, your earnings under the Paid Per View benefit will become ineligible for withdrawal; it’s not worth the risk!

Don’t be a photo dumper!

To photo dump is to upload multiple images that are the same or are similar or to excessively upload images which have no artistic intention. Profiles which dump photos on them can flood many of our explore pages, which other members of the site do not enjoy. If photo dumping is done to excess, you may find your earnings ineligible to withdraw. More details on this can be found in our Paid Per View Policy.

Share photos you are proud of

Care about the photos you are posting. We are an image sharing platform and people visiting the site and your profile want to see good quality content, and so do we! We know and appreciate that art and photography is subjective, and that everyone has their own style. However, if exceptionally low quality content is shared to your profile in excess, you may find your earnings become ineligible to withdraw. More details on this can be found in our Paid Per View Policy.

We are ClickASnap, not Go Fund Me

Do not request direct payments from other members of our community, whether it is for personal or charitable reasons. If you are a registered charity and you would like ClickASnap to get involved, please feel free to reach out to us here to discuss this in more detail!

Harassment and Spam

Harassment is not tolerated on our platform under any circumstances and will be handled as per our zero tolerance policy. Spam is also not allowed on our platform, this includes uploading spam content and spamming other users (for example: spam commenting). If you are worried you or another user is being harassed, or a target of spam please reach out to our team here.

Be kind

Remember to be kind! Constructive criticism is welcomed and important to many people especially new photographers who want to improve, however, it is possible and important that you give feedback whilst remaining polite.

Everything in moderation

It is your responsibility to moderate your content, and remain in line with our terms of service. This includes moderating your photos as well as how you interact across our platform; for example, comments. The ClickASnap Team does also moderate content across the platform, however, remember that when signing up to our platform, you are agreeing to these community guidelines, as well as our other terms and policies and it is important you are familiar with them.

Enjoy yourself!

Finally, remember to enjoy yourself!!! We are an ever growing community of brilliant photographers and creators. There are so many benefits available to you under our memberships, so enjoy them and watch your profile with us grow!

These guidelines are a summary of our Terms of Service, which we ask you to make sure you read and agree to before signing up with us. Any account which does not act in line with these is at risk of having benefits of the account and/or the whole account removed.

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