Our community guidelines for conduct on our platform.

Community Guidelines

Now you have watched our welcome video you should have a better understanding of how we work and how to use your profile.

To ensure that you understand how to conduct yourself whilst using ClickASnap, we have included full details of what is and is not allowed on our platform below within our community guidelines. Please read these thoroughly.


ClickASnap accounts are solely for the purpose of sharing images which are created by and owned by you.

We do not support Creative Commons licences, or accounts whose intentions are to profit off of someone else’s work.

Our community guidelines are here to help and guide you as you become a part of the ClickASnap community. Your profile with us is subject to these guidelines, as well our terms of service:

You are only permitted to upload images which you own or you have created. We do not tolerate members attempting to profit off of someone else’s work.

Do not upload images which contain content in breach of our terms of service, including, but not limited to; images which contain nudity, soft porn, violence, gore, drugs, illegal acts, spam content and images you do not own.

Stay honest! Incentivising paid views will result in any earnings you’ve made to become ineligible for withdrawal. This means that any involvement of any kind with Click Circles is prohibited on our platform. A Click Circle is the (verbal, written or implied) organisation between two or more individuals to view one another’s images, with the specific intent of creating paid views to ensure mutual returns, rather than to view images based on the merit value of the imagery.

If we have evidence or reasonable grounds to suspect you are a part of or have been involved with a Click Circle, your earnings will become ineligible for withdrawal. It’s not worth the risk! With quality content and time taken to engage with other ClickASnap members and profiles, you’ll realise you don’t need Click Circles to be successful!

No photo dumping. To photo dump is to; 1) upload multiple images that are the same or are similar 2) excessively upload images which have no artistic intention.

Care about the photos you are posting. People visiting your profile wants to see high quality content and so do we. For example, poorly taken photos of food (which could be mistaken for your dog’s dinner!) are not the type of content that is encouraged on our platform. Without good quality content you might find you’re not entitled to receive our Paid Per View benefit. More details on this can be found in our Paid Per View Policy.

Remember, we are ClickASnap, an image sharing platform, not Go Fund Me. Do not beg other members of our community by requesting direct payments. Whether it is for personal or charitable reasons is irrelevant.

Do not beg other members and their profiles to follow you, like, comment or view your images. Sharing your work is of course encouraged, however, when joining our community we trust that as adults, you can recognise and regulate your behaviour to ensure you are not bothering or harassing other members.

No spam comments! We want to encourage discussions and/or genuine feedback or compliments between our members. Commenting the same or similar comment excessively and consistently across a number of profiles and images is considered spam. This alongside commenting the same short and repetitive comments consistently on other members images will be seen as merely fishing for views. Repeat offenders may find action is taken against their account, including but not limited to; your earnings becoming ineligible for withdrawal or your profile being shadow banned etc.

Remember to play nice. Constructive criticism is welcomed and vital to budding photographers who want to improve, but it is possible to provide feedback and remain polite and courteous at the same time.

Moderate your content. The ClickASnap team does moderate content on a daily basis, and will remove anything in breach of our terms or our guidelines without notification. However, it remains your responsibility to moderate your own content, and ensure that it is not in breach of these things.

Finally, remember to enjoy yourself!!! We are an ever growing community of brilliant photographers and artists. There are so many benefits available to you under our memberships, so enjoy them and watch your profile with us grow!

Anybody seen going against these guidelines will be at risk of their account with us being removed, or any earnings accumulated becoming ineligible for withdrawal. We reserve the right to refuse the provision of any benefits under your account, should you not comply with ClickASnap’s community guidelines.

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