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Find out who we are and how it works.

Who Are We?

The largest pay-per-view image sharing platform.

ClickASnap is the world’s largest pay-per-view image sharing platform. We’re designed for photographers, both hobbyists and professionals, to upload, share and sell images directly through us via their ClickASnap profile.

We offer an impressive selection of benefits to our members, as well as having a strong and ever-growing community that interact through our forum, our Facebook discussion group, and our twitter page.

This video was created for our new members, to walk them through the basics of ClickASnap.

Watch this to get a good idea of how our platform works and what people can gain by joining ClickASnap.


Making money from your photos with ClickASnap

How Does It Work?

Our membership details.

We offer tiered membership levels, starting with a free account going up to our Pro-Seller membership. There are a variety of benefits offered across these memberships and you can see what these are in the section below, as well as what they cost.

‘Get paid for views’ – What does this mean?

This related to our Paid Per View benefit. The video above has already run through this benefit and how it works, however, it is more complex than most so we have also included a simple explanation below for you to review should you still want a better understanding of how this works for our members.

Through advertising we have been able to monetise the images shared to our platform. We then pay a percentage of this monetisation back to the photographer.

The way we determine how much the photographer receives is based off two components. The first being the rate at which our Paid Per View benefit is being paid out at. This is currently 0.7¢ USD (please note this is zero-point-seven cent not seventy cents), however, this is subject to change. We then use the number of ‘views’ an image has received, and pay the member the current rate per ‘view’.

The member can then request to withdraw the money that they have earnt into their PayPal account, when they have reached a minimum of $15.00.

Become a Publisher

What we are looking for in a publisher

We are excited for you to join us on our journey to growth! We are looking for individuals who can talk and write about ClickASnap with passion, a clear understanding of our product and with enthusiasm!

We genuinely want to give back to our creators and give them a platform where they can be at an advantage. With 10,000 new user sign ups daily, we want someone who can communicate exactly that!

What we offer to our publishers

10% commission on all new member sign ups.

How to sign up

You will need to be an approved publisher with CJ affiliate Marketing.

You can locate us on the CJ Affiliate network by searching for ‘ClickASnap’.


We have further information available on our YouTube channel including tutorials, which you may find helpful when working with us as a publisher.


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