Across our memberships, we offer between 0.1¢ and 0.9¢ per paid view. It’s helpful to think of this as between 1/10th and 9/10ths of a cent. So, always a little under 1¢. 1¢ will show on your account $0.01, as we show you this in dollars.

Please be assured you will always receive the earnings you are entitled to, however, there are two potential reasons for your earnings to not yet be showing on your account.

The first is that views and earnings do not update in real time, so there will be around a 48 hour lag between your views and your earnings updating.

The second is that we cannot show your earnings in fractional cent. What this means is, if you have earnt less than $0.01. then we cannot show this to you. Your earnings will only show on your account when you have reached minimum $0.01. For a free membership, you need 10 paid views to earn $0.01, and for our Upload+, Seller and Pro memberships, you will need a minimum of 2 paid views to have earnt over $0.01.

Please read our FAQ page here, as this will allow you to fully understand this benefit and how much we pay.