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With the platforms available for image sharing today not giving anything back to their creators, we felt it was important to. ClickASnap is the only photo sharing platform in the world where you get paid when your photos are viewed! 

How Does It Work?

When your image is viewed, it will get counted as either a view or a ‘paid’ view. A paid view is when someone has viewed your photo for 5 seconds or more. When your photo has received a paid view, you earn money! You can see how much you have earnt by clicking on ‘check earnings’ under your account settings. Once your payment reaches $15.00 minimum, you can request to withdraw the money. Payments are made through PayPal for your security. 

We think it is really important that as our business grows, our members success grows with it. Which is why the rate at which we pay our Paid Per View benefit may increase during your time with us. We currently pay up to 0.9¢ per paid view, which is already an increase of almost 700% since when we first started 5 years ago! 

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