Frequently Asked Questions

The ClickaSnap Community

  • Our Community Guidelines

    ClickaSnap accounts are solely for the purpose of sharing images which are created by and owned by you. We do not support Creative Commons licences, or accounts whose intentions are to profit off of someone else’s work.

    Our community guidelines are here to help and guide you as you become a part of the ClickaSnap community. Your profile with us is subject to these guidelines, as well our terms of service:

    • You are only permitted to upload images which you own or you have created. We do not tolerate members attempting to profit off of someone else’s work.
    • Do not upload images which contains content in breach of our terms of service, including, but not limited to; images which contain nudity, soft porn, violence, gore, drugs, illegal acts, spam content and images you do not own.
    • No photo dumping. To photo dump is to; 1) upload multiple images that are the same or are similar 2) excessively upload images which have no artistic intention.
    • Remember, we are ClickaSnap, an image sharing platform, not Go Fund Me. Do not beg other members of our community by requesting direct payments. Whether it is for personal or charitable reasons is irrelevant.
    • Do not beg other members and their profiles to follow you, like, comment or view your images. Sharing your work is of course encouraged, however, when joining our community we trust that as adults, you can recognise and regulate your behaviour to ensure you are not bothering or harassing other members.
    •  No spam comments! We want to encourage discussions and/or genuine feedback or compliments between our members. Commenting the same or similar comment excessively and consistently across a number of profiles and images is considered spam. This alongside commenting the same short and repetitive comments consistently on other members images will be seen as merely fishing for views. Repeat offenders may find action is taken against their account, including but not limited to; your earnings becoming ineligible for withdrawal or your profile being shadowbanned etc.
    • Remember to play nice. Constructive criticism is welcomed and vital to budding photographers who want to improve, but it is possible to provide feedback and remain polite and courteous at the same time.
    • Stay honest! Incentivising paid views will result in any earnings you’ve made to become ineligible for withdrawal. This means that any involvement of any kind with Click Circles is prohibited on our platform. If we have evidence or reasonable grounds to suspect you are a part of or have been involved with a Click Circle, your earnings will become ineligible for withdrawal. It’s not worth the risk! With quality content and time taken to engage with other ClickaSnap members and profiles, you’ll realise you don’t need Click Circles to be successful!
    • Moderate your content. The ClickaSnap team does moderate content on a daily basis, and will remove anything in breach of our terms or our guidelines without notification. However, it remains your responsibility to moderate your own content, and ensure that it is not in breach of these things.
    • Finally, remember to enjoy yourself!!! We are an ever growing community of brilliant photographers and artists. There are so many benefits available to you under our memberships, so enjoy them and watch your profile with us grow!

    Anybody seen going against these guidelines will be at risk of their account with us being removed, or any earnings accumalted becoming ineligible for withdrawal. We reserve the right to refuse the provision of any benefits under your account, should you not comply with ClickaSnap’s community guidelines.

  • Our Zero Tolerance Policy

    We have a Zero Tolerance policy here at ClickaSnap. This means that should any breach of our community guidelines or our terms of service take place, we reserve the right to ban and/or delete your account with us, with or without notification.

    Refunds, pro-rata or otherwise, will not be considered in instances where a member has breached these.

    Anybody seen in breach of our Zero Tolerance Policy will be at risk of their account with us being removed, or any earnings accumalted becoming ineligible for withdrawal. We reserve the right to refuse the provision of any benefits under your account, should you not comply with ClickaSnap’s policies.

  • My ClickaSnap account - General FAQ's

  • I haven't received my activation email, what do I do?

    If after checking your junk/spam folder, you still are unable to locate your verification email it may be due to your email server not accepting emails from us.

    Not to worry though! You need only contact customer support and let them know. They can then manually activate your account for you!

  • How does the promotion tool work?
    You can promote your images by visiting your ‘Uploads’ page, selecting the image you wish to promote and selecting the ‘promote now’ button found on the right hand side of the page. You can promote your profile by visiting your Feed and selecting ‘Get more followers’.
    The promotion feature works by us making sure your profile/images are seen by other users on the website, so that you gain genuine followers or views. An example of how we show your profile to other users will be by placing your profile as one of our ‘recommended profiles’ when people are first registering for the website.
    We do not just provide you with fabricated followers or views, so seeing the effect of promoting your images or profile can take some time. It also does depend on the quality of the content you are uploading. We can show your images to an endless number of users, but if it is of poor quality you will find the process will be much slower, as people generally will not want to view images or follow profiles which consist of poor content.
    It is worth nothing that this is a complex system and there are many factors which come into play when promoting a profile/image. So, although it can take some time for you to reap the benefits of this, you can be assured that the promotion will continue until you have received the level of engagement you promoted your profile/images to.
  • An image has been removed from my profile, why?
    If an image has been removed from your profile this will be due to it violating our terms of service.
    This could mean it; was not an image owned or created by you, contained nudity, was soft porn, contained drugs or contained gore.
  • What is an RSS feed and how can I add this to my ClickaSnap profile?
    RSS feeds are a brilliant addition to your ClickaSnap profile; however, they might not be right for everyone. It is best fitting for members who have their own website or blog, etc. Your website, blog etc. will also need to have an RSS feed built into it, in order to link this to your ClickaSnap profile. We will not be able to help you with finding out whether your platform has this or not.
    To add your RSS feed link to your ClickaSnap profile, you can do this just visit Settings>RSS Feed.
    There is no feature on our platform which allows you to control the frequency or content of the posts made from your RSS feed. The RSS feed makes it so that any posts you upload on your website, blog etc. are mirrored on your ClickaSnap profile, providing a link to your followers to your etc. This is brilliant for driving traffic to your website!
    Click here to watch a video from our YouTube channel, which discusses the RSS feeds when they first came out in one of our updates. Please note this video was made 3 years ago, so although it remains informative, just bear in mind the website does look different now to what it did in this video!
  • I would like my ClickaSnap profile to be verified, how can I do this?
    In order to have a verification request reviewed, we require you to have a Pro-Seller account, as well as link back from your own website, on your ClickaSnap profile. You can do this via Settings>Social.
    Once you have met these two requirements, please get in touch with our customer support team (details can be found on our ‘contact us’ page) and inform them that you have done so. Someone will then review your request, and should your profile be suitable and appropriate, a verification tick will be applied to your profile.


  • How does the Watermark-less Image Protection Technology (WIPT) work?
    Image theft across the internet is prevalent and we are only able to do things to help mitigate the risk of this, not remove it entirely, and we do this by protecting images as much as possible. As per the name, there is no watermark applied to your images. So, how does this work? Well, our WIPT blocks the ability of print screening your images, as well as blurring the image when someone clicks off of the page.
    Our WIPT is designed to work across all desktops, however, this technology is unable to stop a mobile phone screenshotting your images. Please be assured though that if an image of yours was screenshotted or saved via a mobile, they are only saving this at a mobile resolution of a few hundred KB at best, meaning it doesn’t benefit someone to steal images via this method.
    We are unable to promise you that your images are 100% safe from image theft on our platform, and we make sure not to make any statements saying or implying as much. However, our WIPT is innovative technology, and is not offered on any other image sharing platform! Click here to view a video tutorial on our WIPT in action!
  • Does the monthly membership option automatically renew each month?

    Yes, we offer monthly or annual membership subscriptions. We do not offer nor advertise month-by-month memberships and we never have. As you will see when selecting the frequency of your membership subscription, it does confirm the amount you will pay either monthly or annually

    The monthly subscription payment will be taken automatically from the card or PayPal account which you used to purchase your membership subscription on. By opting for a monthly membership subscription and confirming this purchase, you are authorising us to take the subscription payment each month. These payments will continue until you opt to cancel your membership.

  • How does the 'Paid Per View' benefit work?

  • Our Paid Per View Policy

    You can review our full Paid Per View policy here, however, below you will find the answers to our most commonly asked questions regarding our Paid Per View benefit.

  • What do you mean by 'Paid Per View'?

    We are proud of our innovative website and how it is the first successful platform to monetize images, and pay this back to the photographer!

    The way that this works, is by uploading quality content on your ClickaSnap profile, other members and users on our website will view your profile and your images. For each paid view gained, you earn 0.6¢*. Please note this is 0.6 cents ($0.006) and not 6¢ ($0.06) or 60¢ ($0.60). This benefit is included in any of our chargeable membership levels.

    These views then transfer into your earnings, and after some time you can request to withdraw your earnings and have these paid directly to your PayPal account. Anyone can generate paid views, whether they are a member of the site or not. Sharing your profile on social media is a great way of generating more authentic views. A great benefit to our Pro-Seller accounts, is that it does this for you automatically!

    *We think it is really important that as our business grows, our members success grows with it. Which is why the rate at which we pay our Paid Per View benefit at may increase during your time with us. Should any increases to this rate occur, you will be able to see this via your Settings>Check earnings.

  • What's the difference between a 'view' and an 'paid view'?

    The difference between these two ‘views’ is essentially 5 seconds.

    In order for Clickasnap to remain viable and successful for our members, we have to take certain measures to counter fraudulent activity. So, with regards to being ‘paid per view’, we need to ensure that systems are in place which devalue falsified or fake views. For example, should an image be viewed an excessive number of times from the same IP address, this would be flagged as a ‘view’ rather than an ‘paid view’. 

    To gain an paid view, which is what equates to a paid view, an image must be viewed for 5 seconds and not be flagged as falsified or fake. One of the reasons behind the 5 second time frame in order for an image to earn an paid view is in place to encourage our members to share high quality content. For the sake of comparison, in order to monetize users work on other social media sites you must reach these  parameters:

    Facebook video view = 2 seconds
    Youtube video view = 30 seconds
    Spotify track play = 30 second

    The level of interaction that people receive on social media does heavily depend on the quality of the content being shared. Whilst we appreciate everyone has a different perspective on what is a good or bad image, we want our members to be assured they can visit ClickaSnap and see high quality content being shared across the platform.

  • How do I know whether my views have generated earnings or not?

    Your profile will always show you your total views. If you want to see which views out of your total views are generating earnings, you need only visit your ‘uploads’ page.


    Here you will find each image you have uploaded on your profile individually listed. Alongside these you will see 5 symbols; Glasses, love heart, comment box, coins and a piggy bank. The ‘glasses’ symbol counts your views, whilst the ‘coins’ symbol, counts your authentic views. Next to this you can see the ‘piggy bank’ symbol, which details how much you have earnt from this image.


    Please note that views and earnings do not update in real time, so you will see a discrepancy between these two figures.

  • I have views, why does this not show in my earnings?
    Views and earnings do not update in real time. Views update every 48 hours (excluding weekends) and earnings are updated daily (excluding weekends).
    Due to this, you will find a discrepancy with what your views show compared to your earnings. Please be assured that you will always receive the earnings which you are entitled to!
  • How do I withdraw my earnings?
    In order to withdraw your earnings, you first need to make sure you have a PayPal account which will accept payment from us. PayPal has some restrictions with regards to some countries and we do not have any control over this. It is your responsibility as the member, to ensure that you are able to be paid by us when considering purchasing a membership with us.
    When you have checked this and are able to accept payments via your PayPal account, you then need to check your earnings and ensure you have earnt a minimum of $15.00. This is the minimum amount required in order to request a withdrawal. We will not notify you when you have reached this amount.
    Once you have reached the $15.00 minimum a box will appear next to these earnings,  inviting you to add your PayPal details. We don’t ask for these details prior to this, so that none of our members financial information is stored on our servers. If this box has not yet appeared, this is because you have not reached the $15.00 minimum. Please double check your earnings before contacting customer support.
  • I don't have PayPal, can you pay me another way?

    We are only able to make payments via PayPal at this time.

    Please bear this in mind when making a decision about which membership level you wish to purchase. Our Paid Per View is not the only benefit available under our memberships, and if you are unable to receive payment this does not detract from the other benefits your membership subscription also offers you. With this in mind, we will not consider refunds under any circumstances, in instances where a member is unable to receive payment from us via PayPal.

  • I'm not earning as much as I want to. How can I earn more?
    If you are not happy with the amount of earnings you have accumulated, it would be prudent for you to learn more about ClickaSnap as a whole and what our website is all about. We are not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme nor do we try to be. We are also not a ‘scam’ just because you haven’t earnt what you imagined you would.
    ClickaSnap is designed for photographers (professional and otherwise) who want to showcase their work, grow their audience, sell their photographs, all whilst keeping the rights to their own images and having the ability to earn some money along the way! Being paid per view is only one benefit among many, and it should not be the sole reason to join our platform as you would be doing yourself a disservice by missing out on the many, many other benefits we offer.
    We are the only platform that can offer this benefit, with regards to paid image views, and the ability to keep all the rights to your images at the same time. We are also the first successful platform to do this!
    Our ‘paid per view’ benefit is here for genuine and honest members of our community. We will not hesitate to decline a withdrawal request should you have earnt money under false pretences i.e. faked paid views or profited off of someone else’s images. Remember, our ‘paid per view’ benefit is reliant on you abiding by our terms of service and community guidelines.
  • The ClickaSnap Shop Feature

  • How can I sell products through my ClickaSnap profile?

    Our Seller and Pro-Seller memberships offer the shop feature, in which you can upload your photographs for sale!

    There is a multitude of options when it comes to the product you wish to sell. For example you can sell your photographs as digital downloads, prints, on canvas and much more! Just visit your ‘products’ page when you have logged in to your account. Here you can ‘add products’ and select the type of product you wish to sell and set the price!


  • Will ClickaSnap take a percentage of my profits?

    All profits made from your shop are yours to keep! We do not take any cut from these. However, please note that there is  35p transaction fee applied by PayPal, that will be deducted from any profit made. It is worth taking this into account when pricing your products.

  • How does the shipping process work?

    One of the great benefits to Clickasnap is that we handle all the printing and shipping for you! All you need to do is collect the profits!

    We are also able to accommodate for international shipping on all products. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout.


  • Can I amend the currency on the products in my shop?

    Clickasnap operates by charging in GBP and paying in USD. Your products will be converted to the currency of the buyers country when purchased and will be converted into your currency when you withdraw any earnings.

    Please take into consideration exchange rates when purchasing or pricing any products.

  • I've sold some products through my ClickaSnap shop, how do I receive payment for these?

    You will be notified when other users or members have purchased a product from your shop, and you can withdraw any earnings accumulated via your ‘My Sales’ page. Here you will see a button that reads ‘withdraw’. Select this and enter your PayPal account details to request a withdrawal.

    You can request a withdrawal at at stage, however, please note that in order to be able to withdraw your earnings we must have first received confirmation of receipt of the product from the buyer. This can take a period of time which we are unable to ascertain. Please be assured that you will receive your payment request, as soon as this confirmation of receipt has been gained.

  • Tips and Tutorials

  • Youtube Channel

    Our YouTube channel offers a variety of tutorials and tips with regards to using and getting the most out of Clickasnap! You can find us and start watching these here!

  • I want some general advice on my ClickaSnap profile

    We have a forum, blog and Facebook group, all readily available to you to use!

    You can access our forum and blog via the ClickaSnap website, and you can find our Facebook group by searching for ‘ClickaSnap discussion group’. here you can interact with many of our members and get chatting about all things ClickaSnap, photography and more!

    When interacting with our community, you are being held to our community guidelines. Remember, it costs nothing to be kind!

  • Upgrades, Downgrades, Cancellations and Refunds

  • Am I eligible for a refund?

    Our full refund policy can be found here.

    Below is a condensed version, however, we do recommend that all members review the full version.

    Refunds are provided at our discretion, should we feel an error has occurred which we are responsible for. Any requests for a refund are handled on a case by case basis and will be issued at our sole discretion.

    Monthly memberships:

    • We do not consider refunds when you have chosen to downgrade or cancel your membership with us prior to your paid-up-to date.

    Annual memberships:

    • We do not consider refunds or the early cancellation/downgrading of annual subscriptions. This is due to the discount you receive compared to paying monthly.


    • Refunds on orders will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our customer support and provide full details as to why you feel a refund is appropriate. They will be able to review your concerns and discuss this with you further.


    • When paying to promote your images or your profile, this can take a period of time which cannot be ascertained. As the promotion of your images or profile will undoubtedly continue until you receive the level of promotion you purchased, we will not consider a refund on these payments.

    Exchange rates:
    • Clickasnap operates by charging in GBP and paying in USD. Any rates will be converted to the currency of the member’s country when purchasing a subscription or product, as well as when withdrawing any earnings. Please consider exchange rates and the currency symbols shown when purchasing a subscription or product with us. We will not consider refunds under any circumstances in which a member has misunderstood an exchange rate or currency symbol. We do ask you to be confident in your purchases before committing to them, and this includes the confidence in what it will cost.

    Please read all information available to you and ensure that you are confident in the product or service you are opting for before making any payments. It is important that you are confident in your understanding of how our platform works, how much we pay and if your content is suitable for it. 

    Please note that if any fraudulent requests/disputes against any payments are made, we will not hesitate to contest these claims in a court of law; nor will we hesitate to take legal action against any fraudulent disputer. Authorised cardholders falsely disputing legitimate charges to their financial institute is illegal and will be prosecuted as such.

  • How do I upgrade my memberhsip?

    Simply log in to your ClickaSnap account and visit Settings>Subscriptions. You can the select and purchase the membership level best suited to your needs.

    Once you have upgraded an account, please contact our customer support team. They will then organise for the reimbursement of your previous subscription payment, should this be applicable.

    Please note that when upgrading an annual subscription, you will need to purchase your upgrade on annual basis also, in order for your previous subscription to be reimbursed.
  • How do I downgrade my membership?

    Please ensure you have a monthly subscription. Once this is confirmed, simply log in to your ClickaSnap account and visit Settings>Subscriptions. You can the select and purchase the membership level best suited to your needs.

    Please note that when downgrading mid-term, your new membership level will come into effect immediately as you are purchasing a new, lower, subscription level or moving on to a free account, The reimbursement of the difference between subscription charges will not be considered under any circumstances when downgrading your membership.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    Simply downgrade your membership to a free account by following the instructions detailed under ‘How do I downgrade my membership?’.

  • How do I delete my ClickaSnap account?

    We are sorry to see you go! In order to delete your account you need only to log in, visit Settings>Delete account.

    The system is designed to automatically cancel any further payments when you have chosen to delete your account. If a payment is made that you were not expecting after the deletion of your ClickaSnap account, please just contact our customer support team to inform them of this. They will be happy to resolve this for you.