Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated 24.06.2021, however, remains subject to change

  • I would like to cancel/downgrade my membership. How do I do this?

    We understand circumstances can change, and therefore, we do offer the option of downgrading your account, when you have chosen to pay on a monthly basis. 

    In order to downgrade your membership with us, you will need to log in to your account, visit Settings>Subscriptions and amend your membership level by choosing the option which best suits your needs. 

    Please note that when downgrading mid-term, your new membership level will come into effect immediately. When downgrading, you are purchasing a new, lower, subscription level or moving on to a free account, and the reimbursement of the difference between subscription charges will not be considered under any circumstances. We do not refund on a pro-rota basis, when downgrading your account with us. 

    Should you have opted to pay for your membership on an annual basis, you will not be able to downgrade or cancel your membership until your annual subscription ceases. We do not provided refunds or the early cancellation/downgrading of annual subscriptions due to the discount you receive compared to paying monthly. 

  • I would like to delete my account. How do I do this?

    We are sorry to see you go! In order to delete your account you need only to log in, visit Settings>Delete account. 

    The system is designed to automatically cancel any further payments when you have chosen to delete your account, however, naturally errors can occur and although they occur rarely, we still do recommend that you downgrade to a free account first in order to minimise this risk. 

  • Am I eligible for a refund? – Our Refund Policy

    Refunds are provided at our discretion, should we feel an error has occurred which we are responsible for. Refund requests made after you have used our product are handled on a case by case basis and are issued at our sole discretion. Fraudulent chargebacks will be contested and taken through to court if necessary. Cyber theft is a criminal act and is prosecutable as such. Please do not sign up to a paid account unless you understand how our platform works, how much it pays and if your content is suitable for it. 

    Please read all information available to you and ensure that you are confident in your purchase BEFORE signing up to a paid account. Due to our annual subscriptions being offered at a significantly lower cost compared to our monthly subscriptions, as well as the nature of the system being that our members have to manually change the payment option from the defaulted monthly subscription, we do not consider refunds on them.

    We stand behind our products and your satisfaction with them is important to us. So, if after considering the above, you feel we have made an error at any stage please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

  • Our ZERO TOLERANCE policy
    We stand apart from existing social media platforms in many ways, so it’s really important that we are able to protect the integrity of ClickaSnap, as well as our genuine members. In order to do that, we operate a zero tolerance policy on our website.
    The following actions and behaviours are not tolerated and will result in an immediate ban, without notification or hesitation:
    – Bullying
    – Verbal abuse
    – Trolling
    – Spamming
    – Begging
    – Any involvement with a click circle
    – Image theft 
    – Any breach of our Terms & Conditions 

  • What are the benefits of subscribing to an Ad-free, Seller or a Pro-seller account?

    By subscribing to one of our chargeable accounts, you will benefit in numerous ways, such as being paid per view on your images, the ability to sell your own products, your subscribers being notified whenever you upload new content and much more! Visit the Clickasnap website to see a comparison of each membership level in full.

    As well as the above, by opting for a subscription you are helping sustain a website which does not farm your data. We are able to provide you with privacy and the reassurance that the only personal information that we store, is your email address. A rarity now-a-days and a benefit we are proud to provide!

  • How does being ‘paid per view’ work?

    We are proud of our innovative website and how it is the first of it’s kind, with regards to monetizing images! The way that this works, is by generating authentic views on the content you upload. For each authentic view gained, you earn 0.40¢. Please note this is 0.40 cents (0.40¢) and not 40 cents (40¢). Any of our chargeable accounts are eligible to benefit from paid views.

    Anyone can generate an authentic view, whether they are a member of the site or not. Sharing your profile on social media is a great way of generating more authentic views. A great benefit to our Pro-Seller accounts, is that it does this for you automatically!

    When you have earned $15.00, you will be able to withdraw the money earnt. You will not receive a notification for this, so you will need to manually check your earnings yourself. At the point of withdrawing your earnings, you will be prompted to enter your payment details. 

  • What is an ‘authentic view’ Vs a ‘view’?

    In order for Clickasnap to remain viable and successful for our members, we have to take certain measures to counter fraudulent activity. So, with regards to being ‘paid per view’, we need to ensure that systems are in place which devalue falsified or fake views. For example, should an image be viewed an excessive number of times from the same IP address, this would be flagged as a ‘view’ rather than an ‘authentic view’. 

    To gain an authentic view, which is what equates to a paid view, an image must be viewed for 5 seconds and not be flagged as falsified or fake.

    One of the reasons behind the 5 second time frame in order for an image to earn an authentic view is also in place to encourage our members to share high quality content. The level of interaction that people receive on social media does heavily depend on the quality of your content. We want to create a website where our members can be confident in the quality of content, and this helps to ensure we are able to provide that.

  • 0.40¢ Vs 40¢ – How much do I make per authentic view?

    For each authentic view gained, you earn 0.40¢. Please note this is 0.40 cents (0.40¢) and not 40 cents (40¢). Any of our chargeable accounts are eligible to benefit from paid views.

    Below you can find two links which direct you external websites, which might provide some further clarity on what the difference between what these two amounts equal. Please be assured there are no discrepancies in the amount we advertise and the amount you earn. 

    Interactivate: Fraction Conversion (

    Convert cents to dollars – Conversion of Measurement Units (

  • I am confident that my views are ‘authentic’, but I can not see them reflected in my earnings. Why is this?

    Views and earnings do not update in real time. Due to this delay you will find a discrepancy with what your views show in comparison to your earnings. Please be assured that with some time you will find your earnings to reflect the authentic views you have gained.

  • What are ‘Click Circles’ and how do they effect me?

    Whether you’ve heard of Click Circles before or not, they are something that can effect you and how successful your Clickasnap account is, as they play a big part in how many features of our platform can be successful. 

    I’ve included a link below to one of our YouTube videos which provides you a detailed and technical overview of what Click Circles are. 

    Please note that involvement of any kind with Click Circles, will results in either an immediate ban or any earnings becoming ineligible to withdraw.

  • What do the symbols next to my photographs mean?

    Alongside your profile showing you how many photos, followers, total views and likes your ClickaSnap profile has, you are able to view each of your photo’s individual statistics. This allows you to review how your photographs are performing on an individual basis!

    To review this information, you need only visit your ‘Uploads’ page. Here you will find each uploaded image listed alongside five symbols; Glasses, love heart, comment box, coins and a piggy bank. Read the list below to see what these symbols mean.

    Glasses – Total views 
    Love heart – Total likes 
    Comment box – Total comments
    Coins – Total authentic views
    Piggy bank – Total earnings

  • I would like to withdraw the money I have earnt through Clickasnap. How do I do this?

    In order to withdraw your earnings, you need to have accumulated a minimum of $15.00. We will not notify you when you have reached the minimum pay-out amount, so please ensure you consistently check your earnings. Once you reach this amount, you will need to log in to your account, visit Settings>Check earnings and a box will appear inviting you to add your payment details. 

    We don’t ask for these details prior to you withdrawing your earnings, so that none of our members financial information is stored on our servers. You can find a tutorial for this process here.

  • My country does not offer the use of PayPal. Is there an alternative?

    We do not currently offer any alternative to PayPal, with regards to our members withdrawing their earnings. 

  • I have now expanded my content to selling products. How does the sales and shipping process work?

    One of the great benefits to Clickasnap is that we handle all the printing and shipping for you! All you need to do is collect the profits!

    We are also able to accommodate for international shipping on all products. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout.

  • Am I able to amend the currency on the products I sell?

    Clickasnap operates by charging in GBP and paying in USD. Your products will be converted to the currency of the buyers country when purchased and will be converted into your currency when you withdraw any earnings. 

    Please take into consideration exchange rates when purchasing or pricing any products.

  • How does the exchange rate affect my purchases/subscription?

    Clickasnap operates by charging in GBP and paying in USD. This may seem confusing, however, any rates will be converted to the currency of the member’s country when purchasing a subscription or product, as well as when withdrawing any earnings. 

    Please consider exchange rates and the currency symbols shown, when purchasing a subscription or product with us. We do not offer refunds under any circumstances in which a member has misunderstood an exchange rate or currency symbol. We do ask you to be confident in your purchases before committing to them, and this includes the confidence in what it will cost.

  • I think a payment has been taken in error. What do I do?

    If you are concerned with a payment being taken in error, please contact us using the details at the bottom of this page and we will be able to investigate this further. 

  • I think I’ve been overcharged. What do I do?

    If you are concerned with the amount you have been charged, please first consider the exchange rates and how this may translate from the currencies we work in to the currency of your country. (See FAQ above)

    After taking the above into consideration, if you remain confident that an overcharge has occurred, please do not hesitate to contact us, using the details below, and we will investigate this further.

  • My account has been banned. What can I do?

    Whilst we want to avoid the banning of accounts, there are instances where it is necessary, such as when an account is in breach of our terms and condition. Although we appreciate it may be upsetting to see your account banned, it is an important aspect of protecting our members as a collective, as well as our business and our advertisers.

    We are not in a position to reactivate any banned accounts. If you wish to continue using Clickasnap, after having an account banned, we recommend you review our terms and conditions (Terms & Conditions – Clickasnap – It pays to share), and then create a new account.

  • Why has my account been banned?

    There are numerous reasons why accounts are banned, and a review of our terms and conditions will help you understand what we do and don’t allow. There is also guidance on our ‘upload’ page, with regards to the type of images that we allow.

    Below I have included a non-exhaustive list of the most common reasons accounts are banned. Please note this list is not exhaustive.

    – Uploading images which you do not own (e.g. Royalty free or stock images)
    – Uploading images containing nudity
    – Uploading images containing drugs
    – Fraudulent views

    You can review our full terms and conditions here – Terms & Conditions – Clickasnap – It pays to share

  • What is the maximum image size I am able to upload?

    The maximum image size our members can upload is 30mb.

  • When attempting to visit the Clickasnap website, a ‘1020 error’ shows. Why is this?

    This means the website is not available in your Country and you will need to use a VPN. Should you require further advice on this, please use the details below to get in touch with us. 

  • Why should I visit Clickasnap’s YouTube channel?

    Our YouTube channel offers a variety of tutorials and tips with regards to using and getting the most out of Clickasnap! You can find us and start watching these tutorials using the link below!

    We do recommend you take time to review these also, should you find the above FAQ’s did not provide you with enough detail, before getting in touch with us. However, should you struggle to find the information you’re looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be able to direct you accordingly.

If, after having reviewed our FAQ’s and YouTube tutorials, you are still struggling to find an answer to your query, you can get in touch with us here.

Our support team’s opening times are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm GMT.