Missing information on your profile

Part of the process of moving from the old website to the new one, includes migrating the data over. This ‘data’ is your earnings, likes, comments and albums which you had on your profile before we launched the new website. This is a complex process, and has taken longer than originally anticipated. However, please be assured this is in progress and we are working with our developers to have this completed as soon as possible.

With the above in mind, all of your earnings, likes, comments and albums will return. Your products however will not. This is because we have a brand new product system in place, so you will need to recreate products again, using this new system.

If this has not answered your query, and you need a customer support agent to reply to you, please return to our email and reply with your question. If you do not reply, your query will be considered resolved and the ticket raised will be closed with no response.