Promoting your photography blog to 1,000’s of people (& for free)!

You’ve built your website, got your lenses and cameras, now you want an audience for your photography blog! Well, ClickASnap can help you with this for free! As a premier free photo hosting site ClickASnap has thousands of daily users and you, as a blog writer can reach these users for no cost. Imagine having 3 or 4,000 subscribers, just posting a link in our feed to your latest post and receiving hundreds of hits! You can do that! No more constantly fighting with Facebook to determine what changes have been made to their algorithym so 1 of you 1,000 likes see your post, reach real photographers who want to read the latest reviews you have done with kit they most likely would like to buy!

How do you do this? Well, ClickASnap isn’t just a free photo hosting site, it also contains a myriad of features, including a Feed. similar in form and function to Facebooks news feed, it contains all the shares, likes and posts from the users you are subscribed to, and for your followers, it shows all the information that you post on the site, including, links to articles and blog posts! As an added bonus, ClickASnap, unlike Facebook, does not restrict reach, if you have 3,000 active subscribers, all 3,000 of them will see your link (we can’t make them click on it, that’s down to you) but this sort of reach, and for free, would be the equivalent of having 300,000 likes on Facebook!

So, sign up today, for free, at ClickASnap and start introducing your awesome content to our rapidly expanding user base!

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