£100 per year for Flickr, or £48 per year for Clickasnap & get guaranteed cashback?

Flickr recently doubled their fees for anyone who wishes to upload morecthan 1,000 photos. This was accompanied by no increase in features and a begging open letter from the CEO of smugmug, basically stating ‘Pay up , or we’ve got to close the platform’. The general consensus is that the owners of Smugmug bit off far more than they can chew when they bought the platform. Understanding how to manage and sell many small websites is a far cry from managing a platform the size and scale of Flickr. Truth be told, the platform is dead, the users just don’t know it yet.

In his 9th video of the series, photographer John Stoves explores how much he has made so far on our photo sharing platform. Which, allows unlimited uploads for free

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