What is, and how does ClickASnap work?

ClickASnap was created and launched by Tom Oswald , a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in a very broad array of startups and tech companies. Tom is keen to see people who create content for the internet be rewarded for their work. Companies like Google, Meta, YouTube and more make billions per year off of content creators that, in the case of Meta, get paid absolutely zero for their work, and in the case of Youtube tiny tiny fractions of cent. Things like this could, some time ago be offset by the fact that the reach on Meta was huge. This is no longer the case and now the platform has virtually no value to most users, however, those users have considerable value to Meta!

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So last year Videscape was launched, this platform is an ultra efficient video distribution platform that pays out 1 cent per play (100 times what Youtube pays out) Whilst growth has been slow (People are very adamant that they need to be on Youtube to be famous/found when actually this isn’t even close to the truth. People find your content where you tell them to find your content) The reason the platform can pay this out is because of the investment that has gone into the distribution infrastructure and that the entire platform revenue is split across the whole platform. Learning from the way Videscape has grown to over a million users today, we replicated the platform and created ClickASnap. This is (if you haven’t found it already) The worlds first paid per view photo hosting platform. Simply put, think Instagram but it pays you. We can do this because photo storage and distribution is in fact extremely cheap, with the proper compression algorithms in place and ultra efficient bandwidth deals as well as long term purchase of servers (typically 3 years) means that the running costs of the site are phenomenally low. In fact, in the order of 54,000 photos can be stored for 1 cent, putting that into perspective, if someone was to scroll through all 54,000 photos the revenue would be $8.64 working on an extremely low advertising CPM (Cost Per Millie, or advertising revenue per 1,000 impressions) I won’t go into massive detail here as some secrets have to be kept, however, the above calculations show that money can be made distributing photos, and this money can be shared equally between the content creator and the content hosting platform. This in turn means that Content creators can start earning money from their work. From Tom’s point of view, there’s only so many billions you can spend in your lifetime, why not halve your income and enrich people who put so much effort into bringing people to your platform, rather than enriching those shareholders of some venture capitalist company somewhere?

ClickASnap and Videscape give you the means to monetise all of your content, Videscape for video and audio, ClickASnap for any still images. The amount of money these platforms pay out far exceed any other platform on the internet today and we constantly strive to increase efficiencies as more money for us is more money for you. Don’t be afraid of trying the platforms, nether take any copyright rights away from you, and you have nothing to lose and real money to gain. We don’t value content by ‘likes’ or ‘views’ we value it with real money, our aim is to put the value back into content that has been taken away by platforms such as YouTube and Meta. Transferring the wealth into your pocket, not the stock exchanges. We certainly understand your trepidation of using the platforms, and we would suggest that you continue to use your existing hosting platforms, but add us in too, at least until you see the revenue flowing into your bank account. Just remember to tell people your content is here as the more people you tell, the more that will see your content!

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If you have any questions at all please contact Tom directly at tom@clickasnap.com

We wish you the best and hope to see you earning some revenue from either platforms very soon!

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