Should you spend time on a Meta page for your Photography?

So, I myself am a member of quite a few Meta groups, I also own multiple groups and Meta pages. Some with thousands of likes. The question that comes up most frequently from newcomers to any scene is:

‘Should i bother with a Meta page?’

This then usually gets into a heated discussion as a few will vehemently state how amazing Meta is for them (although the interaction on their pages is often near zero) and those of us who know how effective (or rather ineffective) Meta pages are.

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Many years ago when Meta was a young website you could set up a page on the site and post a status and the significant majority of your likers would see your posts, and why shouldn’t they? After all they have liked your page, they have indicated they want to see your content! As time went by and Meta took on more and more investors then did an eventual massive fail of an IPO reach on pages (and social profiles) went down significantly. In fact, today, it’s about 1% That means that for every 100 people you pay/coerce/invite to like your page just 1 person will see what you post up. Unfortunately with Meta now trading on the markets at 100 times earnings it’s unlikely that this reach problem is likely to be reversed anytime soon.

Now, Yes that could be me just moaning that i have paid Meta thousands of pounds to build up my likes, and then they reduced the reach to zero and want to make me pay to reach them again. But let’s bring up Meta advertising; the single most expensive and least effective marketing system on the internet today. You see, the problem lies with the people who use Meta , unlike Google, or ClickASnap they aren’t there with ‘intent’. They are there to chat to their friends or stalk exes not to be advertised to to be sold products hence why typical CTR is 0.001% (industry average sits around 1-2% for display advertising). So even if you decided actually i am happy with zero reach on my page i can just use the site to advertise to a section of 1.2 billion people it’s extremely unlikely your advertising will have any effect other than to drain your bank balance (and this is of course not taking into account the huge amount of fake accounts on Meta , today sitting at approximately 20% of total users)

So, in conclusion, ignore Meta totally, use your personal profile and build a website off site for showing people your work. In fact you can even host your content for free on ClickAsnap and you’ll get paid everytime your photos are viewed, and we, will not be controlling reach ever, that is a promise

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