ClickASnap is 8 weeks old with over 100,000 photo views!

ClickASnap was launched on Monday the 29th February. Since then it has had over 100,000 photo views with an average payout per view of 0.5 cents. Now, that may not sound like alot but that is money that you are literally throwing away if you place your photos on sites like Meta, or Twitter or Instagram. These sites collect those 0.5 cents per view and pay it to themselves in very large pay packets!

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So, what’s coming up for ClickASnap?

Over the coming months we will be launching the following features:

  1. Instagram integration, this will enable you to monetise your instagram photos through the site
  2. Physical sales. We have teamed up with One Vision Imaging to enable you to sell your products online, at prices that YOU set
  3. Digital downloads, You will be able to sell your photos as digital downloads online, again at prices that you set
  4. Extra commenting options
  5. A Forum so topics can be discussed
  6. A Messaging system so you can talk to online users
  7. and loads more but you will have to watch this space!

So, join the worlds first paid per view photo site, lose no rights to any of your content, and actually make money for your work! This is how you start making money from photography, and the more of you that join, the bigger the site will become and the more money you will all make!

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