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No matter who you are, where you are and what genre of photographs you take, there will always be someone who likes your work as much as you do however, you need to make them aware of your photos, and if you do, you never know what opportunities may arise. This is a brief story of what happened to me recently, all because I tag my photographs.

I’m an amateur photographer and in business, I am a highly-regarded team development facilitator, award-winning global conference speaker and behavioural psychologist. Whether on business or in my leisure time, I always have my camera with me. On a vacation to Boa Vista, one of the islands that make up Cape Verde, off the West coast of Africa, I took a candid portrait shot of a beautiful local woman who was selling colourful trinkets from a basket on her head. Here is a link to my photograph on Clickasnap, The Trinket Seller.

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I tagged it with the word dreadlocks. About 6 months later, I received an email from a colour pencil artist who lives near Houston, Texas, USA, 4,800 miles from Bournemouth, UK, where I live. She had searched the tag dreadlocks which came up with my photo, which she asked if she could draw in colour pencil. I accepted and am now the proud owner of a No. 1, limited edition piece of artwork.

So, my message is share your best, tag them and you never know who will see them and what opportunities may occur.

I don’t have a personal photography website, however here is the link to my Clickasnap Profile.

If you are interested in personal, team or leadership development, you can read my blogs, that may help you via my site and find out more about what I do via I also use my photographs to enhance blogs that I publish. Finally, you can also find me on Twitter @NgageingNick.

Happy snapping and remember, Click, Tag & Share Your Best.
Nick Fewings

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