15+ Photography competitions you can enter today!

As avid photographers we are always keen to have our work displayed to as many people as possible, and, as a bonus it’s always nice to make a bit of cash for your work to pay for the next lens! Whilst obviously Clickasnap is an excellent way of gaining a passive income from your photos we thought we would scour the internet and look for competitions and other resources to help you make more money and obtain more exposure for your awesome work! Don’t forget to check out our automatic photo competition finder feature at the bottom of the post!

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      1. Photocontestinsider This site lists only active competitions, some are pay to enter, others are free, but all the competitions are live and ready for you to enter your photos!
      2. Photo Competitions Photo competitions is where you can discover the latest amateur and professional photography competitions, contests and awards. It has a search engine built in where you just type in your criteria and any relevant contests are displayed to you
      3. World Photo Organisation This is a competition sponsored by Sony and running until the 17th January 2017, so you have a while to enter yet. Judges are looking to award prizes for 10 diverse styles ranging from Architecture and landscape, to still life and street photography. In addition to the main prizes, all winning and shortlised photographers will be included in a global press campaign.
      4. The Telegraph photo competition The Telegraph newspaper currently runs a weekly photo competitoon with theme being ‘Travel’ It is free to enter and the prize is a £500 camera
      5. Viewbug hosts competitions, at the time of writing the current competition theme is ‘Fences’
      6. The Prize finder Contains a list of recent photography competitions with prizes ranging from winning trips to Mexico to £50 gift vouchers
      7. Clickasnap runs a monthly competition that is free to enter and has a $100 prize. You can see more details here 
      8. Photo Contest Guru Most of the competitions that this site hosts do seem to be pay to enter, however, the prizes are thousands of pounds so if you believe you can win, it would certainly be worth stumping up a few pounds for the chance to grab that big prize!
      9. The Gaurdian newspaper Hosts monthly competitions with carying themes, however this months competition has no theme leaving it open to all. The prize is a holiday if you enter through Gaurdian Witness
      10. Life Framer runs a competition with thousands of pounds in prizes. It is fairly expensive to enter, but if you win that’s a new super high end lens!
      11. Nikon Photography contest Nikon are now running a photography competition that expires on Friday January 27 2017 so plenty of time to enter! The entry video can be seen here
      12.  All for Photography have a wide range of photo competitions on their site. There is also a full featured search engine on the site so you can ascertain the correct competition for your work
      13. PhotoCrowd have a wide range of photo competitions available to enter, that are updated in real time so you don’t need to worry about trawling through competitions that are closed
      14. Wildlife Photo host yearly competitions, you just have to sign up to the platform to enter. There are currently 3 competitions, Wildife Portraits, Habitats and Landscapes, and Animal Behaviour. There are $25,000 worth of prizes including a 7 day African Safari, an F-stop Tilopa Camera Backpack, and Camtraptions Sensor.
      15. Amateur photographer magazine are currently running a competiton with the chance to win an £849 sigma 50mm F1.4 lens
      16. Countryfile Photo competition  This is your chance to share your fantastic countryside photographs with other readers of BBC Countryfile Magazine. Each month we’ll provide a different rural theme and all you have to do is upload your best photos according to this theme. You’ll then be able to vote for your favourite and the winning image will feature in the magazine newsletter each month. So get snapping, uploading and voting, and keep checking back to see this latest theme.
      17. National Geographic. As an amateur you can also enter. In addition they also have a contest for kids
      18. The smithsonian site as annual photo contest. Deadline Nov 30. 2016. You can also enter edited photos, people, winners are announced on the Atlantic monthly site
      19. Word Press Photo. Contemporary photos
      20. The Nature Conservancy. They have 1 million members.
      21. Sony World Photography Awards
      22. The comedy wildlife photo contest from Nikon (This is a fun site for humourous animal photos
      23. Astronomy Photographer of the Year 

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This resource will be an invaluable directory for those of you who do actively enter competitions. If you enter one of these competitions, or know of anymore than please tell us in the comments below!

We have added a system to our site which will now automatically show any new competitions that come up worldwide so make sure to check back to our Real Time Competitions category regularly!

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