Slow motion videography with the iPhone 6s

Ok, this is a photography site, but after all we do own a video site too! We thought we would introduce the iphone 6 and 6s slow motion camera, (as well as some seriously high end slow mo stuff a bit later on. Including the videoing of a tattoo in slow motion!) and do a few posts on some slow motion videos we have done, as here at Clickasnap we love it, and as much as tiny life is fascinating through a macro lens, other parts of life are fascinating to see when slowed down!

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A year or so ago we were down photographing the Swanage steam railway not far from Corfe Castle in Dorset. We happened to have our iphones on us and the steam train was approaching so we whipped one out and took the slow motion video below:

The slow motion part starts at about 22 seconds in. This is one of our favourite videos we have ever taken, the whole mechanical movement of the train can be seen incredibly clearly. The film was actually taken at 240 frames per second, equivalent to 1/240 second if one was to convert it to a still image. The iphone actually has two settings, one at 120 frames per second and the other at 240 frames per second. Obviously, as with photography, available light is very important and it is diffcult to take such videos in low light condition. As an added bonus, stills can also be taken from a video like this, so, whilst yes it is kind of cheating you can get that perfect moment without having to worry hugely about timing! Mirrorless cameras actually come with similar options nowadays, with the option to get a photo a few seconds prior to the shutter being pressed and a few second after.

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The only major issue with this software on the iPhone is getting the video off the phone! You can’t just download it as the actual slowing down is in the software of the phone and not the video itself. So you have to use a video editing app that allows you to edit your video prior to exporting. But once this is done you can get some amazing things working in slow motion.

If you have taken some slow motion videos on your phone post links to the videos in the comments below!

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