Macro reversing ring?

Have you ever fancied doing a bit of macro photography? But don’t really want to pay out several hundred pounds for a new lens just to try it? Well, now you can try a system called a ‘Macro reversing ring’. What this system does is actually turn your existing lens round, putting the large ‘light entering’ part of the lens onto the camera body, and using the camera attachment part of the lens as the ‘photo end’ Sounds like a lot of hassle? Well, yes, to an extent, but these rings can be purchased from Amazon for as little as £2.99! Bear in mind that even a cheap macro lens is going to set you back in the region of £250 or so!
Watch Mike Browne in the video below show you just how these Macro reversing rings work, and if you have ever used one, or have any photos online from one, please link to them in the comments

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Have you ever used a macro reversing ring? What did you think about it? Comment below!

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