How do you price your photos for sale?

As many of you may know ClickASnap is shortly to bring out a new site, and as part of that new site we will be bringing out a range of ecommerce systems. These will be as follows:

  • Digital downloads: This will enable consumers to buy and download one of your images.
  • Physical product sales: This will enable people to buy physically printed products using your artwork, from canvas prints through to mugs to just simple photos
  • Private Galleries: In here you will be able to put any photos you want. Later it will be expanded to include video links, blogs, and other associated information. There will be no ads in this area which is why you can put what you want within it. It is monetised by you charging people to enter
  • Stock image licensing: This is where you can license your photos out. Our system is going to be very different from any stock system you have ever used before. With us, anyone who wishes to use your photos will pay you at a Cost Per Impression rate. What this means is that if you decide that you want $0.01 everytime someone views your photo and a consumer wishes to buy 5,000 ‘impressions’ they will pay you $50 for the right to do this. Your image is then embedded into their website by them. Once the impressions run out the image on their page goes blank and they have to repurchase more impressions off of you. Think of it like being constantly paid for your work.

These will be the 4 systems in place once it launches.


Digital downloads: Now, the trick to being able to sell your content (assuming you aren’t already a famous photographer or artist!) is to get your pricing right! When someone comes and visits your image for whatever reason, what is the most likely thing they will do with your image? Well, it will be to pay to download it. Now if you’re charging any more than around the $1.00 mark they are unlikely to purchase it, with digital downloads you are trying to grab that impulse buy market, and this means low pricing, Unless the picture is absolutely phenomenal the odds of someone paying much more than $2-$3 for a download is fairly slim. Anything less than $1 and you are likely to see significant sales.

Physical Product sales: The people wishing to purchase these are unlikely to be impulse buyers, they are more likely to be people who appreciate your work considerably, they are looking for something to place on their wall in their home, or redo their kitchen mugs or even create some sort of photo album. These people will be prepared to pay significantly more than a digital download. Pricing these are still tricky though. To start with come in low and work up keeping track of your sales vs your views. Remember, with this there is no capital outlay for you, it is completely automated and we deal with everything

Private Galleries: This is a relatively new concept. It will be a pay to access area only with you setting the pricing and based on a recurring subscription. The trick to successfully capitalising on this will be to put continuous new and useful content in it. Use it as a conduit to talk to and create bonds with your existing followers. Again, start at a low price, probably in the region of $1-$2 per user per month (1,000 users and you’re earning $1-$2,000 per month) With anything that doesn’t involve physical products it’s always a numbers game, low cost, high margins and high turnover, for the internet this is certainly the best formula particularly for products like music and photos

Stock image licensing: This really is 100% unique and groundbreaking as far as we are aware. Costs need to be kept low, certainly for the majority of photos. Perhaps starting at $1-$2 per 1,000 impressions (Get 100 photos out at 1,000 impressions each that’s $100 every month recurring) It is feature we are going to be monitoring carefully as it will be integral with our anti-piracy systems that we hope to launch in 2017.

Whilst these are fairly simplistic ways of pricing your content I hope it gives you an idea of where to place your products initially. Our system will allocate your funds into your account and your ‘Account Settings’ tab just like the pay per view funds are shown. However there will be no minimum withdrawal, you will be able apply for a withdrawal at any given point and we will act on it as soon as we can within office hours GMT


Once this system is launched, the next step will be learning how to pay to advertise your content so you just put money in one end and more money comes out the other!


See a sneak peek of the new site here!

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