Could you make a living out of photo hosting site ClickASnap?

Every now and then a topic comes up in the ClickASnap forum that I believe deserves some deeper research, and a more detailed explanation. A recent topic involved the payments per view, and that this contributor believed they could never make a living out of our per view payments system on the site. So to explore this in depth I thought I would compare it to some famous YouTube stars who make many millions of dollars per year from their views. Whilst these figures do include some money from sponsorship deals, there is no reason why photography users can’t get the same deals with their content. For exmaple, brands are falling over themselves to pay users with large, active and engaged userbases on Instagram many thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars per post.

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There is no, or certainly very little reason why that couldn’t happen here on ClickASnap. One of our longer term planned features is to even supply a market place so brands can approach a user directly for sponsorship. Imagine Canon coming to you and offering you all the kit you want to take a few photos with it!

So, let’s take PewDiePie who has had 9 billion views and earned 7.4 million USD from this, that equates to $0.00083 cents per view. ClickASnap currently pays $0.0016 cents per view, extrapolating this out, our ClickASnap user would have earnt $14,400,000, if the rate halves the user would still earn $7,200,000! Now, let’s assume that you have a similar number of subscribers to Pewdiepie, which is currently around 50 million. You as a ClickASnap user has one huge advantage over him. What is it? It’s the ecommerce systems! Let’s say you sell an item to 10% of your user base, so that is 5,000,000 users. You sell one item, valued at £10 (as an average) to each one of these users over the course of the year. This nets you another $50,000,000 in revenue. Ok, now this is an absolute best case scenario, but the numbers stack up, and it’s certainly possible to do.However, let’s explore a smaller scenario:

You are a ClickASnap user with 10,000 subscribers and let’s say 1,000 photos and you upload 1 photo per day. Each photo is viewed by 50% of your subscriber base. So, per day, you have 5,000 views of each photo you upload. Let’s assume 60% are paid views, that’s 3,000 paid views per day per photo. At $0.0016 per view your total earnings per day are $4.8 per day or $148.80 per month. Admittedly, not huge figures, but still better than zero. Now, you have your ecommerce activated and sell 1 item to 10% of your user base per year valued at $10. So, 1,000 purchases at $10, nets you $10,000 income. Your total income for the year $11,785.60. Not huge numbers but not bad for just uploading some photos onto a website. Obviously such figures can be expanded on, reduced or increased to fit your particularly engagement with your fan base, and none of these take into account any organic hits, platform growth or subscriber growth, or enhanced revenue opportunities such as stock licensing and the private galleries.

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So whilst right now you may not be able to make a living off the site, and we may only have 100,000 or so users per month, within a few years, possibly even less you may well be able to make a living off this site just by taking your photos. Remember Meta is only 10 years old, Instagram is just 6 years old with 400 million users and Snapchat is 5 years old and worth $25 billion! Who knows where ClickASnap will be in a few short years. And the users who are on it now, are those most likely to earn the larger sums!

Thank you for your time in reading this. Why not explore ClickASnap and start earning for your photos?

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