How do you use Copromote to promote your photos?

Copromote is a promotional platform that relies on peer to peer sharing. It is completely free to use (although there are paid versions if you wish extra reach)

To use it simply go to and sign up. For this example we will use Twitter as our sign up systems. After you sign in, their systems will check your account for fake followers, fake likes etc. This is obviously beneficial to you as if you are just promoting to fake accounts, nothing and no one of value is going to see your content.

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Once all of this is completed you will be taken to a page where you can choose what tweet to promote to Copromotes users. Now, this is where it gets a little tricky. You cannot just post a photo onto twitter with a link through to your ClickASnap account because they will reject it, and the likelihood of people clicking on your link is virtually zero. So, you have to be a little bit clever about this. Now, remembering that your content is all now linked up via the navigational arrows, find your most interesting photo and create a story, or lesson behind it. For example, when I use it to bring traffic to ClickASnap i use this photo:

This is a picture of the Andromeda galaxy that i took some years back, so it captures peoples eye. However, if i just posted this a) copromote would not allow it to be boosted and b) no one would likely click on it. To get past their gatekeepers you have to make it interesting. I therefore wrote a short article under the picture on how to photograph a galaxy, and then posted the tweet as ‘How to photograph the Andromeda Galaxy’ This was therefore an interesting picture, coupled with an interesting title and gave the reader valuable and useful information. To this day this is still one of the most successful campaigns we run online.

Once you have set all this up and boosted your photo you have to select a tag and two categories that your content will be advertised in. Make sure to be as accurate as possible, as the more accurate you are the more successful your advertising campaign will be. You then are led to select and follow five categories that you are interested in. Once selected you are taken you a Meta like feed where you will see other posts. Everytime you share one of these posts a number will be added to your reach, this will go up as you share and down as others share your content. The more content you share, the more people shares yours.

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One of the massive beauties of this platform is that with an individual sharing your content it is as if they are endorsing it, therefore it is more likely that their friends will click on the link and follow it through to your picture. Peer reviewed endorsements is among one of the most successful methods of promotion, which is why we mention this platform and use it ourselves.

If you decide to join CoPromote to promote your content then click HERE and follow us so we can promote your work

I hope you find this article useful and happy promotion!

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