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ClickASnap is an incredibly complex platform with a huge amount of features available to it’s users, including earning money when photos are viewed, selling photos, giving them away as downloads, selling downloads, interacting with users in our forums and feeds, commenting on photos, emailing systems, server expansion systems, compression servers, image processing servers, servers for blogs, forums and communication. Basically behind the scenes it is a mammoth product, and it is only going to get more so. It is very important that users understand that when updates are brought out, that’s not the end of it, we don’t just sit back and wait for users and money to roll in!

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We have just launched our single biggest update to date since our launch. What we need our current and future users to understand is that the site is in a state of continual flux. What you see today isn’t necessarily what you will see tomorrow, and a feature you don’t like today, may not necessarily be there next month. So what we have done is set up a public Trello board, (what is a trello board?) this will be updated looking into the future on a quarterly basis (we could do a whole year to 3 years but we don’t want our competitors to know our longer term plans) Here you can see our intended plans, what we are aware of, bugs, wishlist features and more. As of January 2017 there will be sequential updates bringing these features in over the course of 2017. As we bring out new plans, and new bugs are discovered you will be able to see everything that we know, and what we are going to act on.

So, follow our Trello board HERE and let’s grow as a team and become the biggest and best photo hosting platform on the net!

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  1. […] Bugs (did you know that the term bug was coined because moths flew into the Colossus computer workings and were fried causing short circuits?) Outside of bringing in the planned features we didn’t get to prior to Christmas such as IPTC tag import and the new feed. We will not be bringing any new features in until all the bugs on the platform are fixed. We want people to go from end to end on the platform with no pesky interruptions or issues, and no annoyances. We believe this is vital to securing a long term growth curve. You can follow all our bugs here […]

  2. To someone like me I find if I want to view if someone likes a picture I have to go to “edit” then back to “activity” which makes the site somewhat cumbersome to someone like me.
    Yes the heart and glasses are now understood but when you start here you wonder what the icons are really for. It would be good to have an explanation of certain things. For people who are a little “dumb” or slow to understand such.
    Otherwise all is good and thank you.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean. You can easily view your notifications by pressing the ‘Notifications’ bell icon, or view your uploads by going to ‘My uploads’ in the right hand menu

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