Site updates 04/01/17

These updates are live on site:

  • View all link added to recently uploaded on home page
  • View all link added to most popular on home page
  • Checkout fixed so company field no longer needs to be filled in to confirm order
  • Pagination added to products

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4 Responses

  1. I appreciate that changes had to be made but since the changes I don’t get any views or community interaction anymore. It is very strange ? Perhaps my photography has got worse instead of better ? Loved the clickasnap community and mutual support in the early days but now it seems so have disappeared. Very disappointing Tom I have got to be honest. Thanks and Happy New Year Tony.

    1. We haven’t seen any drop in use of the platform and i personally haven’t seen a drop in my interaction. It would be interesting to know what your thoughts are on why you have seen a drop in your interaction levels. Are those users still there? Is it because photo navigation now keeps users within one user rather than jumping around the platform perhaps? Were the users at the beginning just going around and liking/commenting to get it back to earn money perhaps? Perhaps its because there were/are alot of bugs and people are dipping in and out of the platform? Open to feedback here

    2. I was wondering about that too until I noticed that a number of really good photographers (in my opinion) also seem to have lower views. I know that I am not getting to see as many images as I would like because it takes so long and my time is limited. So don’t worry I am sure it will come right soon:)

  2. Having been on here almost since the beginning, I have noticed that as well. However I’ve also noticed that things change quite a lot as well and you have to kind of go with the flow until it gets sorted out, which does seem to happen. At the moment, for example, I am “subscribing” more readily than in the past as that way you can find the person again (used to be that they seemed to pop up again and again under “view all”, so you didn’t have to). Maybe this is just what happens when you have a public beta thing. Also, it’s probably partly our fault for not using the forum enough … but on the other hand that seems to be because the forum is quite busy with public beta stuff over the past month. Anyways – I’m hopeful that the interaction will return before too long!

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