Mike Brownes top 5 tips for taking sharp pictures

Have you ever gone to an event, photo shoot or otherwise taken a load of photos, got home looked at them and they are slightly out of focus? Yes? Well welcome to the club! Mike explains the top 5 things you can do to ensure your photos are pin sharp:

  1. We almost all use digital cameras these days. These have a handy device at the back which is an LCD screen. When you have taken your photo, just take a quick look and zoom into the photo at least 100%.
  2. Camera shake, humans are not steady creatures! Any movement in the camera and none of the photo will come out in focus. The solution(s); either invest in and use a tripod, or, ensure that your shutter speed is at least as fast as your lens is long, eg 50mm lens 1/50th shutter speed, 300mm lens = 1/300th second shutter speed. Do bear in mind though, that if you use a crop sensor (any sensor smaller than 35mm across the diagonal would be considered a crop sensor) these figures will need to be adjusted to accommodate the smaller sensor and the correspondingly longer focal length.
  3. Poor focussing, control your autofocus, or use manual focussing techniques
  4. Depth of field, learn to control your aperture, a small aperture (F1.4 for example) means a very shallow depth of field, F14 for example will be a very deep depth of field
  5. Use a tripod. Pain in backside to carry, can be expensive and is an awkward shape. But, it will cure the vast majority of focussing issues! Plus you can use much longer shutter speeds, much larger apertures etc
  6. Clean lens! Always ensure your lens is nice and clean before you go out!

Now sit back and watch Mike’s video! Make sure to upload your pin sharp pictures to the worlds largest paid per view photo hosting site ClickASnap!
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