Site Updates 5/01/17

Latest ClickASnap site updates. These are now live:

  • Order processing JSON fixed
  • Stores OVI JSON added to database
  • Fixed related product links so they show correctly
  • If an image has products for sale these are now automatically shown instead of related images
  • ‘Related Products’ has now been changed to ‘Buy this Image’

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10 Responses

  1. So much better, well done!
    Another little gripe for the list, when I click the ClikcaSnap logo top left I go to your blog, normally site logos take you back to the home page. I like the homepage because I can see what’s new, but once I leave it I can’t get back there easily.

    I was also wondering if it was possible to add the option for people to offer photos for sale on a higher commission rather than paying a monthly fee. Perhaps further down the line this will be an option? It could make it more tempting for people to try out and see if their photos have some commercial value.

    1. Thankyou. Yes, I agree we have alot of work to do on the menu structure however so things are likely to change.

      As for offering ecommerce for a higher transaction fee, the problem is who is going to pay for the bandwidth and storage costs of those images assuming none sell? Do we cut the pay per view fee to cover it for example? At £3 per month it really is a tiny sum of money, arguably one sale in a month, or if the margins are there one sale per year and your account costs are covered Steve

      1. “the problem is who is going to pay for the bandwidth and storage costs of those images assuming none sell?”
        I was assuming all the images are already being stored and displayed just not sold. So if there was a checkbox to allow a user to let clickasnap sell the images on demand it could actually increase site revenue.
        .. but I know you’ve got a ton of things to do so have to prioritise and follow what you feel is right for the business.

        1. No we don’t store or distribute full resolution images unless the user has a premium account or we’d make a loss on every photo displayed unfortunately

  2. Images that I upload contain keywords that are assigned using Lightroom. These are recognised in Flickr, Purpleport and other online image sites. However, these are not recognised by Clickasnap. I thought this was going to be sorted.

    1. Yes it’s not live yet. We couldn’t complete it in time before christma, but should be in before the end of january

  3. Can the Window Title when in a tab contain the number of current messages so I can see if I have any updates without clicking back to the window? Similar to how facebook does when I get a message in chat?

  4. Me again! I’m getting problems uploading new images after completing all the fields in the upload page, e.g. title, description, albums, category. I spend time completing them and after pressing to confirm and reviewing the new image I see that it’s original title, that I overwrote with a new one, has returned and it has automatically been put into MUSIC despite me selecting something else. The description text also doesn’t travel up with the upload.

    1. Sorry Bob, all fields should be filled in after upload is completed or it does reset the fields. It’s an annoying bug that is due to be fixed with the release of the tag imports shortly

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