What’s the difference between a crop sensor and a full frame sensor?

Heading into a digital photography world, we are confronted by a huge amount of different pieces of tech. One of the biggest choices one can make, both in price and quality, is whether to choose a full frame or a crop sensor camera. So what are the pros of a full frame camera?

  • a bigger sensor means that it operates better in low light conditions
  • a bigger sensor means a shallower depth of field
  • A bigger sensor means images are able to be blown up much larger when printed

Whats the pros of a crop sensor?

  • a smaller sensor means cheaper lenses!
  • a smaller sensor means a deeper depth of field
  • crop sensors cameras are much cheaper than a full frame camera

Thinking of buying a camera and really don’t know what to do? Mike Browne explains all in this video below!

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