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You’ve had an idea, found a new hobby, or set up a new business. After you have done the number crunching what is the first thing that you do? In this day and age it’s setup a website. There are 7 billion plus people on this planet and the one thing that gets to a third of this population is the internet! If you want to get your business out there this is the number one thing to start with. So off you go and find a developer, or build a site yourself using something like WordPress. You get all the copy in and you need some pictures… If you are a competent photographer, or the images are relatively simple to take then you may as well go ahead and do it yourself with a camera phone. But what if you need some photos which are very high quality? You want to pay a reasonable price for them, (After all if you just look for the images on Google and steal (and it IS theft) the ones you like, it’ll only be a matter of time till the owner hunts you down and sends you one hell of a bill) you’re ethical and would quite like the bulk of what you pay to go to the owner of the image so where do you go? Sites like shutterstock of course are around but you are going to pay quite a premium, and often 50% of the the premium you are paying just goes to the company. What’s another option? Well, ClickASnap Marketplace.

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ClickASnap was launched in February of 2016 as the first, free to use, paid per view photo hosting platform and has already amassed millions of users and hundreds of thousands of photos. Many of these photos are for sale and the owners would love to see their photos adorning your website!

As your website is being built, have a wonder around our site and even if the photo isn’t for sale just write a quick comment under the photo and it’s highly likely the photographer will allow you to use it.

wimborne town centre at christmas

And there you go. You can buy this image here in high resolution for a massive £0.99! and the vast bulk of this money goes to the photographer rather than the company hosting the images. There a over 200,000 images on ClickASnap many of which are for sale and if the owner has stated can be used as stock photos for your website.

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