Top 10 most expensive cameras in the world

Many of us on free photo hosting platform ClickASnap shoot with DSLR’s, often Canon or Nikon, and probably ranging in price from a couple of hundred pounds up to a couple of thousands pounds. But, what are the most expensive cameras in the world?

No. 10 is the Nikon D4s at £5,199

No. 9 is the Canon 1 DX at £5,299

No. 8 is the Hassleblad Lunar £5,300

No. 7 is the Pentax 645z £6,799

No.6 is the Leica 240 edition series 60 £12,000

No5. is the Leica S type 007 £20,000

No.4 is the Hasselblad H5D-50C wi-fi £23,000

No. 3 is the Phase one XF IQ3 £35,000

No.2 is the Susse Freres Daguerreotype £978,000

And in at No.1 Original Leica ‘O’ series £1,900,000
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