Top 5 photography gadgets that you should have in your bag today!

We are pretty certain that at least 99% of photographers (if not 100%!) love gadgets!

So here are 5 gadgets you should add to your bag today

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No.1 Pico Time Lapse mobile phone programmable camera shutter controller (£59.99 order here)

No.2 Capture Clip for easy location of your camera in the field (£59.95 order here)

No.3 Everyday Messenger amazing adaptable camera bag you can use everyday (£219.95 order here)

No.4 The Gnarbox downloads your memory cards and allows you to edit right on your phone! (£299 preorder here)

No.5 Petzval 58 This si a controlled Bokeh art lens, available for Canon and Nikon fit (starts at £549 order here)

What gadgets do you have in your bag?

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