Focusing your pictures with WeeklyImogen

In a previous article Mike Browne explained how to ensure your photos are not taken out of focus. It’s always useful to combine multiple viewpoints as you’re learning any trade, particularly one as complex and variable as photography, so, below you will find a video from YouTuber WeeklyImogen explaining her top 5 tips for taking sharp photos;
1. A slow shutter speed, the faster the movement in the photo the faster your shutter speed needs to be
2. Poor focus, focussing can actually be quite tricky to achieve, particularly if the subject is small or a long way away
3. Keeping your subject still. The more your subject moves the trickier it is to photograph them
4. A bad lens, this can be a whole wide range of things
5. Too high an ISO, leading to excessive noise on the image and giving the appearance of an out of focus image

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