How is a Canon digital camera made?

Cameras have evolved from the really simple box cameras of the early 19th century, capable of taking one picture and needing an exposure time of minutes, to the incredibly advanced cameras like the Canon 1DX which can take many pictures per second at shutter speeds of upwards of 1/8000th of a second!

Wether your camera is a Canon, Nikon, Leica or any other make it is an immensely complex piece of equipment, made of thousands of components sourced from the world over. With alignment critical components, ultra sensitive CCD sensors, moving shutters and powerful processors modern cameras are phenomenal pieces of engineering.

In a previous blog post we presented a video showing what went into make a Canon 500mm F4 L lens, today we show you how a modern digital Canon camera is manufactured. We hope you enjoy the video, and learn something new today

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