Finding pictures on a dull foggy morning

Mike Browne ventures out into lymington town centre and explores going photographing in the fog! He experiments finding targets and composing pictures in very poor conditions such as thick fog. What ISO will he need? What shutter speed and what aperture?

The whole aim behind Mike going out into poor light and foggy conditions is to teach you to spot those shots that make the difference between an interesting and pleasant photograph versus a dull photograph. Imagine, if you can find an awesome shot in such poor conditions as thick for and low light, just what shots you can find when the conditions are perfect. If you can’t find that shot it just doesn’t matter what camera you have, you’re just not going to be taking great pictures.

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Did Mike inspire you to venture out into the cold and fog of the British winter to get those perfect shots? If he did upload your photos to free photo hosting site ClickASnap and earn money everytime they are viewed, after all, what do you have to lose?

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