Using the scary Manual mode on your camera!

You’ve bought your fancy new DSLR, you’re out and about and happily snapping away using the auto mode and a thought crosses your mind, ‘Shall I venture into the manual mode and try and get some awesome photos relying on my own knowledge?’ But, unfortunately, you have no idea how to use the manual mode on your camera! What shutter speed should you use? What Aperture setting?? And where on earth should your ISO be?? Well, our friendly photographer Mike Browne, takes some time out to exlpain just how to take that perfect photo using your manual exposure settings

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  1. Full manual is the way to go! I have had some instances where I went off full manual mode and regretted it. It not only gives you control over the aesthetic aspects of your image, but it also helps you understand what the camera is doing and how to change things you don’t like. One of my most important bits of advice that I would give to anyone looking to start up photography is to get into full manual as soon as possible. Even if it doesn’t work great at first, struggle through it until it makes enough sense in your head that it becomes second nature.

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