Adding social media links to your ClickASnap profile

Mike Browne shows you in this short video how to add social media links to your profile
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9 Responses

  1. This was not helpful at all. I can not find anywhere in Clickasnap where it has those specific headings on any page. I am unable to find a video online that gives an accurate accounting of how to connect Clickasnap to FB. The process that I am getting is somewhat confusing and is asking me to share pages of which I have not idea how to share. There needs to be something more specific on how to do this.

  2. This is not working for me. I have been trying for hours. Result. Tiny facebook profile picture in the corner., and a banner below it that says “href should represent a valid URL”. I have tried it with both facebook accounts many times.
    Please help.

    1. There Is an occasional issue when sharing to Facebook or other mediums where the thumbnail does not show or there is an href error. We expect to have a fix out for this in the coming week

  3. I’m finding it so difficult linking up my clickasnap to my Facebook page. What could be the problem. Please I need a feedback as soon as possible.

    1. You can’t link Clickasnap to a facebook page at this time. You can put a link in your Clickasnap profile to your facebook page using the settings menu however

  4. Hi, is there any chance to know how update URLs profile/ image since I don’t have a glue what ot is about?

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