ClickASnaps Trueform, what is it?

About 2 months ago we introduced Trueform image compression technology to the platform.What this technology did was significantly increase the quality of the images on the site by preventing browsers from compressing the images a third time and degrading the image quality shown to our users. It is still a work in progress, and will likely continue to do so for the entire lifetime of ClickASnap as we try and get closer and closer to covering 100% of images instead of the current 99% or so. To try and explain how this system works i tried my hand out at videography, so please, if it is something you have questions about, watch the video below and hopefully it will explain to you just what it does and how it works. As a tip, upload your images as big as you can, the more detail our algorithms have to work with, the better the end result.


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