Photography competition time!

It’s been a while since we have hosted a competition on our free photo hosting site ClickASnap and we think it’s about time we brought it back. An idea that was put forward by one of our users was to offer a pay to enter competition with 80% of the earnings going towards the winner. So, we’re going to try it. The competition rules are as follows:

  1. The competition will run from the 22/10/17 to the 22/11/17
  2. The cost to enter is £1 with 80% of the funds being paid to the winner
  3. The winner will be determined by counting the total views divided by the total likes, the closer to zero you are the higher your ranking
  4. The minimum prize will be £50 put forward by us. There is no maximum. If 1000 people enter the prize pool would be around £800 for example
  5. To enter click on this link HERE and pay the £1 then email a link to your chosen photo on ClickASnap to
  6. The photos will then be added to this album
  7. You can only enter 1 photo per £1 paid
  8. This first competition has no category, later competitions will do.
  9. You can only enter photos uploaded after the 22/10/17

This may seem a bit simple, but if it’s successful we will invest more into it to make it much more official and make it a quarterly or perhaps even a monthly feature. We will also likely include a special onsite gallery where the winners images will all be placed. If you have any ideas, then please get in touch!


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10 Responses

  1. I’m assuming in cases of ties the number of likes is going to be the differentiator as a picture with 100 views and likes next to one with one view and like would score the same.

    1. Yes that is correct, howeve, highly unlikely to happen as looking at the image will increase the views and proportionatly increase the end score

    2. But when a photo is entered at the end of the competition it would not get as many likes and views as a photo entered on the first day of the competition that maybe is not as good.

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