Cash prize photo competition, £100 cash prize!

After the succes of our last photo competition we have decided to launch another one. The theme is ‘Winter’ and the minimum cash prize is £100. The cost of entry is £1 with £0.80 going to the prize fund with no maximum limit

  • The competition will run from the 22/11/17 to the 31/01/18
  • The cost to enter is £1 with 80% of the funds being paid to the winner
  • The winner will be determined by counting the total views divided by the total likes, the closer to zero you are the higher your ranking
  • The minimum prize will be £50 put forward by us. There is no maximum. If 1000 people enter the prize pool would be around £800 for example
  • To enter click on this link HERE and pay the £1 then email a link to your chosen photo on ClickASnap to
  • The photos will then be added to this album
  • You can only enter 1 photo per £1 paid
  • This competitions theme is ‘Winter’.
  • You can only enter photos uploaded after the 22/11/17
  • Whilst the competition entry closes at midnight on the 31/01/18 views and likes may count after this upto the point of judging upto 24 hours later

Featured photo courtesy of Bob Edwards

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