ClickASnap site updates 27/11/16

These updates are now live, if there any issues please post in the forum here

  • Images after page 3 on the recently uploaded are now randomised to increase exposure of images and photographers on the platform
  • Refinements to product search in the marketplace (You can now search for products such as ‘Jigsaw’)
  • Marketplace bug fixed where ordering 2 products would only result in delivery of 1
  • Added fixes for white spaces showing up instead of photos
  • Forum key updates to prevent people being ‘locked out’ due to data mismatch
  • Profiles that are deleted are now no longer visible in search results
  • Bug fixed where categories occassionally reset to music upon image upload
  • Get more followers in the Feed now loads properly
  • When promoting a profile, followers are now accrued 9 times faster
  • Deleted profiles are now no longer found in Subscribers or Subscriptions
  • Typography update
  • Pro account holders now have 100 credits, that refresh once per month and can be accumulated. These can be spent instead of money to promote images or a users profile

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